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Wednesday Apr 25,2018

Amrap15: Run, SN, BJ

15:00 AMRAP
1,600 m Run
   Rx2: 1,000 m Run
   Rx3: 600 m Run

Then in time remaining...

3  hang snatches
3  box jumps  
6  hang snatches  
6  box jumps  
9  hang snatches  
9  box jumps  

Continue to increase by three reps each round  

Rx: 95:65
Rx2: 65/45
Rx3: 55/35
Elite : 135/85

Rx: 24/20
Rx2: 20/18
Rx3:  step ups  
Elite : 30/24

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1st49 +Sheridan Today!
2nd45 Emily Co Today!
3rd87 2Erin A Today!
1st60 Jason K Today!
2nd48 Justin Gro Today!
3rd38 3Walt Today!

Emily Co45 Rx
Jason K60 Rx
Danielle B71 Rx2 1000m run, 55# snatches 20 inch box jumps
Walt38 Rx3 35# hang snatch
Erin A87 Rx2 Rx HS, BJ-- Drew *made* me do 1000m ;)
Brittany W47 Rx2 45# snatches. RX’d everything else
Justin Gro48 Rx 95# HSN, 30' box, vest for mile run
Sheridan49 Rx+ 7:44 mile; 10 snatches in the 12's
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