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Wednesday Mar 20,2019

Amrap15: HSPU, SC, RC

A- 200 m Suit Case Carry
B- 30 sec Budda Stretch
    20 Frog Squats
C- 2 Rounds
    10 Handstand Shoulder Taps
         Rx2: Wall Walk Shoulder Taps
    10 Chin-up Grip Knee 2 Elbow

8:00 Build-up
2 Front Squats
   (3 sec down tempo)

15:00 Amrap
30 Handstand Push-ups
     Rx2: Plate + Mat
     Rx3: Pike HSPU
20 Hang Sqaut Cleans 155/105
     Rx2: 115/75
     Rx3: 75/55
10 Rope Climbs
     Rx2: 3 Rope Climbs
     Rx3: 15 Jumping Pull-ups

*Score = Reps

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1st71 Angie Today!
2nd54 3Mary Wahlstrom. Today!
3rd80Alma Today!
1st97 Jeff B Today!
2nd93 Toby Today!
3rd90 Adam B Today!

Jeff B97 Rx 225, 255 x1
Adam B90 Rx
Angie71 Rx
Brian L51 Rx Made it to RC's (Goal accomplished)
Bryan T83 Rx
Mary Wahlstrom.54 Rx3 hspu, 55#clean squat, 4 rope climb, 44# sc
Toby93 Rx strict HSPU. too much pacing on first set of squat cleans.
Justin Gro56  Hang Clean and then a front squat (wrist), the rest RX
Dylan R65 Rx
Alma80  HSPU, weighted sit-ups, pull-ups
Robert S76  HSPU, Hang clean 155#, pull ups
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