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Thursday Oct 18,2018

Happy Birthday Scott Pa & Emily T

FT: Run, RD, RC

800 m Run
         Rx2: 600 m Run
         Rx3: 400 m Run
    20 Ring Dips
         Rx2: Paralell Box Dip
         Rx3: Tricep Dips
    5 Rope Climbs
         Rx2: 1 Rope Climb
         Rx3: 5 Body Pulls
  800 m Run
    5 Rope Climbs
    20 Ring Dips
  800 m Run

*Rx(+): In a vest

0% 0%
1st33:39 Angie Today!
2nd18:48 2Alma Today!
3rd30:30 2Mary Wahl. Today!
1st37:37 Russ Today!
2nd19:15 3Walt Today!
3rd26:37Brian L Today!

Kate B22:45 Rx3 1.5 mile bike, 20 tricep dips, 15 ring rows
Angie33:39 Rx Vest on runs & rope climbs, not ring dips
Alma18:48 Rx2 800m Run, 1 rope climb each round( small one), box dips
Brian L26:37  Subbed to chin-ups/pushups in 2nd phase (shoulder) - w/ 20# vest
Russ37:37 Rx Started with vest for everything. Removed it for 2nd round gymnastics.
Joan19.14 Rx3
Walt19:15 Rx3 box dips; 1 RC, 3 pulls per round
Debi25:25 Rx3
Claudia25:25 Rx3
Sandra20:58 Rx3
Mary Wahl.30:30 Rx2 Rig dips with band, ropeclime, run walk
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