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Wednesday, July 01, 2015 Tomorrow: Annie on the Run ,On-Ramp- Modified Kelly
Strict Press 5 x 3

Strict Press
5 Rounds
3 Reps
*wait 2 min in between each round
*increase in weight each round
*4th round should be close to 85% of 1 rep max

0% 0%
Chosen as WOD: Sat,Jul 5,2014 Wed,Mar 12,2014 Mon,Feb 10,2014 Tue,Oct 15,2013
1st100 RxMorgan Wed,Mar 12,2014
2nd95 RxAngela C Today!
3rd90 RxJessenia Sat,Jul 5,2014
1st185 RxDaniel Sat,Jul 5,2014
2nd165# RxBrian S Wed,Mar 12,2014
Roy Wed,Mar 12,2014
Joshua Today!
3rd155 RxChris K Sat,Jul 5,2014

Angela C95 Rx
Renae50 Rx
Wendy B70 Rx pr
Danielle Duk70 Rx Failed at 2nd round of 75#
Melanie C75 Rx
Roy155 Rx
Erin J70 Rx
Tammy70 Rx
Joshua165 Rx 175 2 rep
Amy H75 Rx 35,55,65,75,80 One time
John B95 Rx Failed on 105 x 2
John N135 Rx
Carmen85 Rx
Results Posted: 13

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015
3 Position Clean Emom

Emom x 10
3 Position Clean
  High Hang
  Low Hang
  Rx: 135/95  Rx2: 95/65 Mstrs 55/35

0% 0%
1st95 RxAja Tue,Jun 30,2015
Angela C Tue,Jun 30,2015
Melanie C Tue,Jun 30,2015
2nd85 RxKelly T Tue,Jun 30,2015
3rd75 RxTammy Tue,Jun 30,2015
Melody Tue,Jun 30,2015
1st135 RxRoy Tue,Jun 30,2015
Joshua Tue,Jun 30,2015
Matthew Tue,Jun 30,2015
2nd95 RxToby Tue,Jun 30,2015
Sam Tue,Jun 30,2015
John B Tue,Jun 30,2015
Ben Tue,Jun 30,2015

Wendy B65 Rx
Danielle Duk65 Rx
Roy135 Rx
Susan55 Rx
Melody75 Rx
Angela C95 Rx
Joshua135 Rx
Matthew135 Rx
Tammy75 Rx
Renae55 Rx
Toby95 Rx
Melanie C95 Rx
Sam95 Rx
John B95 Rx
Kelly T85 Rx
Ben95 Rx
Aja95 Rx
Jessenia55 Rx need more time warming up wrists
Results Posted: 18
CrossFit Etowah Jun 30,2015