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Wednesday, Mar 22, 2017

Tomorrow: 3RFT: Pull-ups, DU, Run
Happy Birthday Leah

5RFT: Lunge, Sit-ups, BP

5 Rounds
100 ft Lunges
20 Abmat Sit-ups
10 Bench Press 155/95
              Rx2: 115/75
              Rx3: 75/45

0% 0%
Chosen as WOD: Wed,Mar 22,2017
1st16:50 Katia Today!
2nd23:45 Krissy Today!
3rd16:34 2Wendy B Today!
1st13:36 Spencer Today!
2nd14:32 Roy Today!
3rd14:49 Adam B Today!

Wendy B16:34 Rx2 75#bp
Christy16:40 Rx2
Amanda Sc20:22 Rx3 rx3 - 2 rds at 65, 3 rds at 55
Stacy23:11 Rx2 85#(lori helped the last reps)
Judy H15:43 Rx3
Adam B14:49 Rx
Jason K16:25 Rx 185# bp
Toby99:99 Rx Didn't check clock
Shawn B17:00 Rx3 65 bp
Brian L25:00 Rx Took my time w BP
Russ99:99 Rx 2.7 rds @185
Katia16:50 Rx Finished 4 rounds in 12:50... adding 4 minutes for a ghost round...! Dang!!!!I can't count and work
Dylan15:31 Rx
Mark L15:46 Rx2
Melody21:48 Rx2 95# x4 85#x1
Justin Gro20:55 Rx
Roy14:32 Rx
Spencer13:36 Rx
David F15:33 Rx 25# plate on lunges
Georgie19:58  30 assisted lunges each round, 20 sit ups and 95# bench
Amanda Sa15:33 Rx3 #55
Erin A20:20 Rx2
Krissy23:45 Rx spotted waiting for bench
Jeff B14:45 Rx2 Kellster saved me 2 or three times on the BP gut all RX
Jimmy14:21 Rx2
Christopher T13:00 Rx2
Chaz15:00 Rx2
Phil19:48 Rx Shared bar with Antonio
Janelle23:30 Rx2 95,85,85/75,75,75
Rob12:11 Rx2
Results Posted: 30
Wendy B 5:44am
Way to go, strong Stacy!!!!