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Wednesday, Oct 26, 2016

Tomorrow: E2mom30: Run, DL, BJ
Jeff R
U.S. Army Sergeant Dale G. Brehm, 23, of Turlock, CA, assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, based in Fort Lewis, WA, died on March 18, 2006, when he came under small arms fire from enemy forces during combat operations in Ar Ramadi, Iraq.  

He is survived by his wife Raini, father William, stepmother Linda, and mother Laura Williams.


Hero: Brehm

1 Round For Time
10 Rope Climbs
       Rx2: 15 Body Pulls
20 Back Squats 225/155  
       Rx2: 155/115
       Rx3: 95/65  
30 Handstand Push-Ups  
       Rx2: 1 plate+ 1 mat
       Rx3: Flash Push-ups
40 Calorie Row

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Chosen as WOD: Wed,Oct 26,2016 Mon,Aug 3,2015
1st13:33 2Wendy B Today!
2nd13:38 2Angie Mon,Aug 3,2015
3rd17:02 2Kelly M Mon,Aug 3,2015
1st13:33 John Ne Mon,Aug 3,2015
2nd13:56 Toby Today!
3rd15:13 Todd H Mon,Aug 3,2015

Wendy B13:33 Rx2 rx2 as written
Judy H12:16 Rx3
Jason11:42 Rx2 225squat,body pulls,1platehsp
Russ10:13 Rx2 as perscribed
Julian14:35 Rx2 squats-RX1 225lbs, body pulls-RX2, Flash push-ups-Rx3
Robby G21:20 Rx2 with rope climbs
Brian L9:23 Rx2 as prescribed
Toby13:56 Rx
Michelle S9:44 Rx3 2 rope climbs, 14 body pulls, 85# squats, 1 plate HSP
Justin Gro21:36 Rx
Julie St12:26 Rx3 hspu w plate & flash pushups
Kelly T20:27 Rx3 RX Rope climbs, HSPU ab mat+plate, 95# back squats
Erin A15:35 Rx3 Body pulls, 95#back squats, Flash PU
Timothy17:01 Rx3 sucked @ body pulls; 125# squats; 5hspu(plate&mat) 15fpu;
Renata16:02 Rx3 body pulls, 115# bs, fpu
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