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Wednesday, May 27, 2015 Tomorrow: Double Unders, Lunges, Snatches ,Snatch to OVH Squat Elevator
Happy Birthday Dennis B
Welcome Lisa B
Row, RD, K2E, HSPU, Burpee

500 m Row (damper on 10)
40 Ring Dips                         Rx2: Box Dips
30 Knees 2 Elbows                Rx2: Knee Ups
20 Handstand Push-ups         Rx2: Flash Push-ups
10 Burpees to 6 in Target

*13 min Time Cap

0% 0%
1st7:27 Rx2Aja Today!
2nd7:29 Rx2Melanie C Today!
3rd7:47 Rx2Angela D Today!
1st7:55 RxJohn N Today!
2nd8:15 RxToby Today!
3rd8:28 RxJoshua Today!

Wendy B10:31 Rx2 hspu w/25#&pad
Danielle Duk8:21 Rx2 500m row (10), 40 BD, 30 K2E, 20 FPU, 10 Burpess
Angela D7:47 Rx2
Renae7:58 Rx2
Toby8:15 Rx
John B9:30 Rx2 With K2E
Joshua8:28 Rx
Sandeep12:08 Rx2 500 row, ring dips, K2E, FPU, burpees
Joanna10:09 Rx2 35plate hspu bl/rd bnd dip
Candy11:57 Rx2 12 ring dips, 28 box dips/All k2E, All HSPUs, & burpees
Dennis B9:34 Rx Rx+ ; Deficit HSPU (45# Plates at Hand Position)
Aja7:27 Rx2
Melanie C7:29 Rx2 box dips, knee ups, HSPUs w/45lb. plate and Abmat
Bob11:31 Rx2
Wendy L10:20 Rx2 box dips, knee ups, FPU
John N7:55 Rx Strict HSPU's
Jake7:33 Rx2
Results Posted: 17

Wendy B 6:21am
Happy Birthday, Coach Dennis!

Wendy L 5:31pm
Happy Birthday Coach Dennis

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Team FS, SP, DL

2 Person Team
7 min Amrap
50 Front Squat   95/65     Rx2: 65/45
50 Front Squat  135/95    Rx2: 95/65
Max Reps          155/115  Rx2: 135/95
3 Minute Rest
7 min Amrap
50 Strict Press   65/45      Rx2: 45/35
50 Strict Press   95/55      Rx2: 65/45
Max Reps          115/65    Rx2: 95/55
3 Minute Rest
7 min Amrap
50 Deadlifts      185/135   Rx2: 135/95
50 Deadlifts      225/155   Rx2: 185/135
Max Reps         275/185   Rx2: 225/155

0% 0%
1st354 RxJessenia Tue,May 26,2015
2nd318 RxMelanie C Tue,May 26,2015
3rd305 Rx2Wendy B Tue,May 26,2015
Carmen Tue,May 26,2015
Christy Tue,May 26,2015
1st350 RxRoy Tue,May 26,2015
Joshua Tue,May 26,2015
2nd335 RxRandall Tue,May 26,2015
3rd308 RxBrian S Tue,May 26,2015

Wendy B305 Rx2 Awesome team of 3 with Shawn and Christy
Scott Fo270 Rx W/Justin G.
Roy350 Rx Josh Clemans
Christy305 Rx2 w/ Wendy & Shawn
Joshua350 Rx Roy
Sandeep245 Rx2
Julie H356 masters  awesome partner Deanna Erwin
Carmen305 Rx2
Candy275 w/ Lisa Burns  masters
Lisa B275 w/ candi  masters
Wilda299 Rx2 with Danielle, me rx2 SP 40 DL 115
Ben301 Rx nate luca
Randall335 Rx randall & Jeff Heller
Alex E246  w/ Elizabeth & Sharon, FS 35#/45#, SP 35#, DL 65#/95#
John B330 Rx2 With Scott F.
Sam270 Rx2
Amanda S354  masters / with Jessenia
Jessenia354 Rx w/ Amanda...175 total individual reps
Brian S308 Rx w/Daniel - 100, 112, 96
Javier214 Rx No Partner, No AMRAPS,Total Reps Rx= FS 78, SP 74, DL 62
Melanie C318 Rx with Joanna..38 of second set of SP
Results Posted: 21