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Jeff RMay 5,2016
Captain Jeffrey Bowen, of Alexander, North Carolina, died July 28, 2011. The 37-year-old was a 13-year veteran of the Asheville Fire Department, assigned to Rescue 3. Bowen was fatally injured while fighting a four-alarm fire in a medical building. He is survived by his wife, Stacey; son, Charlie Ray; and daughters, Robin Parker and Sarah.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016 Tomorrow: Snatch 5 x 2 ,5-90 sec Rnds, Run, WB
Happy Birthday Henry
Welcome alexandra

Signiture: Rounds-Rx2
20 min Amrap
  5 Pull-Ups                   Rx2: Progressions
  10 Push-Ups (Flash)  
  15 Squats

*Score is total number of completed Rounds

100% 0%
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1st20 Angie Today!
2nd17 Angela W Tue,Feb 10,2015
3rd16 Melanie C Mon,Jul 7,2014
Lori F Today!
1st27 John Ne Tue,Feb 10,2015
2nd22 Toby Today!
3rd20 Kevin Mon,Jul 7,2014

Karen G13 Rx
Scott Fa13 Rx strict pu
Wendy B14+5 Rx2 banded pu's
Judy H11  Rx3
Lori F16 Rx
Angie20 Rx 20 rounds + 8 reps
Justin Gro18 Rx
Toby22 Rx
John B16 Rx
Dylan17 Rx push ups not great
Results Posted: 10

Wendy B 5:45am
Awesome job on your front squat, Karen!!!!  And thanks for the push.

John B 8:52am
Nice going, Wendy.  You, too - Toby and Justin.

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