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Thursday, August 27, 2015 Tomorrow: On-Ramp WOD #141 FGB ,C2B, Pistols
Macho Man

Emom for as long as possible
20 min Time Cap
3 Power Cleans        Rx: 135/95
3 Front Squats         Rx2: 95/65
3 Push Jerks            Mstrs: 55/35
                              Elite: 155/115

*Score is total number of completed Rounds

0% 0%
1st20 Rx2Wendy B Today!
Kim C Today!
Alex P Today!
Amy F Today!
Christy Today!
Blythe Today!
Stefani Today!
2nd15 Rx2Samantha R Today!
3rd20Mary W Today!
Melanie C Today!
1st20 RxDennis B Today!
2nd14 RxRoy Today!
3rd9 RxJavier Today!

JavierRx 9 @ 135, 11 @ 95...form started to be compromised so made the switch
Wendy B20 Rx2 65#
Stefani20 Rx2 55#
Blythe20 Rx2 65#
Jeff B12 Rx2 115 lbs.
Christy20 Rx2 65#
Roy14 Rx Elite:155-Failed 15 rested a min, then finished out.
Justin Gro20 Rx2 95#
Amy F20 Rx2 75# for RX2 vs 65
Toby17 Rx2 115# for 7 rnds; 95 for remaining
John B15 Rx2 Squats are tiring
Julie H17  55#
Samantha R15 Rx2 85# first 3 rounds then 75# for the remaining
Mary W20  Masters 55#
Kim C20 Rx2 68#
Dennis B20 Rx First 3 Rounds @ 145#; last 17 Rounds @ 150#
Ben20  95#
Melanie C20  75lbs
Alex P20 Rx2 65 lbs
Sam20 Rx2 95#
Results Posted: 20

Kevin 5:49am
Big Shout Out to Wendy Barker! Picked the right weight and executed with perfect form for the whole 20 minutes. Way to go! Awesome job to the whole 5:30 am Class... Coach Roy

Kevin 6:14am
Stephani and Blythe way to kill it as well.  Monster Morning Class!!!!! Coach Roy

Wendy B 6:54pm
Thanks for the huge compliment, Coach Roy!

Blythe 7:04pm
Thanks Coach!!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015
1,600 m Pace time

1,600 m Run

rest 6 min

2 x 800 m Run (same pace a 1,600 m) - 2 min rest between 800's

rest 3 min

4 x 400 m Run (same pace as 1,600 m) - 1 min rest between 400's

*Score is total time including rest

0% 0%
1st37:08 RxAngie Wed,Aug 26,2015
2nd37:25 RxAngela W Wed,Aug 26,2015
3rd38:10 RxTammy M Wed,Aug 26,2015
1st30:46 RxJavier Wed,Aug 26,2015
2nd35:23 RxDennis B Wed,Aug 26,2015
3rd35:35 RxAnthony Wed,Aug 26,2015

Angie37:08 Rx
Karen G41:13 Rx
Angela D39:36 Rx
Wendy B50:39 Rx RAN. THE. WHOLE. TIME.
Angela W37:25 Rx
Christy41:48 Rx
Kyle41:42 Rx
DW43:01 Rx Hey, I made it in time! :-D
John B37:26 Rx
Javier30:46 Rx New mile PR
Anthony35:35 Rx
Dennis B35:23 Rx
Tristan37:45 Rx
Sam41:24 Rx
Kelly M48:10  row and walk
Ben44:25 Rx
Candy43:02 Rx
Tammy M38:10 Rx
Amy H42:24 Rx 10:02 M, 4:30 1/2, 5:02 1/2, 2:10 1/4, 2:06 1/4, 2:13 1/4, 2:10
Bob40:02 Rx
Justin Gro37:05 Rx
Erin J47:30  rowed last 3- 400m
Josh M36:54 Rx
Jon42:15 Rx life is easier just staying fat
Todd L38:40 Rx
Results Posted: 25
Christy 5:59am
Proud of you Wendy!! You came and got it done! 👏👏👍👍

Amy H 6:35am
Great Job Wendy!!!!! That's awesome!!

Angie 7:42am
Amazing job Wendy!!

Wendy B 7:19pm
Thanks, girls! I appreciate all the encouragement.

Dennis B 7:50pm
Coach Javi! Way to smoke it! Very impressive!
Great job today Team! Seeing a lot of impressive numbers and witnessed some even greater performances! A lot of milestones were achieved today and I am truly honored to be a part of the Etowah Family! Thanks for all your hard work and thanks for all you do! Keep it up! You're all going places!
- Coach Dennis