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Saturday, August 01, 2015
Happy Birthday Lauren Hol
Pull ups, Burpees, GI Janes

Part A: 15 min Time Cap
   Death By Pull-ups              Rx2: Jumping Pull-ups
   *Step down to the floor between each JPU'
   Rest 3 min

Part B: 15 min Time Cap
   Death By Burpees
   *Burpees to 6' Target
   Rest 3 min

Part C: 15 min Time Cap
   Death By GI Jane               Rx2: Jumping GIJ

*Score is total number of completed Rounds

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Friday, July 31, 2015
Anniversary Kelly M
Push Press 5 x 5

Push Press

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Chosen as WOD: Thu,Oct 9,2014
1st120 RxJessika Thu,Oct 9,2014
2nd115 RxAngie Fri,Jul 31,2015
Angela W Fri,Jul 31,2015
3rd110 RxTavia Thu,Oct 9,2014
Aja Thu,Oct 9,2014
1st185 RxRoy Thu,Oct 9,2014
Joshua Thu,Oct 9,2014
2nd180 RxDennis B Fri,Jul 31,2015
3rd175 RxBenjamin Thu,Oct 9,2014

Angela W115 Rx
Scott Fo165 Rx 95, 135, 155, 2x165
Wendy B85 Rx last set was ugly
Angie115 Rx
Danielle Duk85 Rx Last set had a couple double dips
Tammy M93 Rx Girl bar
Angela D75 Rx
Christy85 Rx
Justin Gro135 Rx
Sandeep155 Rx
John B135 Rx PR
Dennis B180 Rx
Kelly T85 Rx
Kim C85 Rx 105 x 3 but then dropped 😤
John N155 Rx failed at 165
Jon165 Rx got 185 3 times, not 5
Sam135 Rx
Shawn B65 Rx
Jessenia95 Rx working on wrists w/coach dennis
Tom125 Rx
Kate95 Rx
Tristan135 Rx
Alex P85 Rx Ah.
Ben145# Rx
Results Posted: 24
Jeff R 6:59pm
Katie and Jess, good to see you strong/beautiful ladies doing work together. If you guys are in a routine to train on Fridays at 7:30, I look forward to jumping in class with you next week

Kate 8:47pm
Awhhh coach!!! Please do!!! We were just talking today about how much we miss you!!!