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Monday, August 03, 2015 Tomorrow: Lunges, Push Jerks ,On-Ramp Girl

10 - 15' Rope Climbs         Rx2: 15 Body Pulls
20 Back Squats 225/135   Rx2: 155/115  
30 Handstand Push-Ups     Rx2: Wall Walks
40 Calorie Row

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1st18:23 RxAngela W Today!
2nd13:38 Rx2Angie Today!
3rd17:02 Rx2Kelly M Today!
1st8:53 RxDennis B Today!
2nd9:04 RxJavier Today!
3rd13:33 RxJohn N Today!

Javier9:04 Rx
Scott Fo13:30 Rx2 25# plt&mat, BP@K2E, 225#, 1:31 Row
Renae22:38  75#, half rope climb/ body pulls, wall walks
Angela W18:23 Rx
Danielle Duk21:03  3 Rope Climbs, 7 Body Pulls + K2E, 85# BS, HSPU - 45# Plate & ab mat
Angela D16:35  1 rope climb, body pulls w/ K2E, 75# BS, HSPU-45# plate w/ abmat
Anthony12:14  4 Rope Climbs, 6 Body Pull Ups +knee to E, 165 BS, Plate w/ab mat
Angie13:38 Rx2 BS 135#, everything else Rx
Toby15:31 Rx2 185 BS. Rx everything else.
Larry B25:15 Rx2 185 bs, plated hs pu, rx rest
Tammy M24:50  95# BS, HSPU mat + 15# plate
Julie H18:03 Rx2 85#
John N13:33 Rx
Joshua16:01 Rx 45# plates for def handstand PU
Todd H15:13 Rx
Matthew20:30 Rx Back squats killed me 👯
Tristan15:42 Rx2 185# Back Squat
Kim C17:06  115# BS
Bryan16:06 Rx
Dennis B8:53 Rx
Jared12:30 Rx2
Kelly M17:02 Rx2 body pulls wall walk 45lb
Caleb21:30 Rx2 65# back squat
John G20:02  135lb squat. ALL THE ROPE CLIMBS
Ben21:15 Rx2 5 body pulls+k2E
Melanie C24:59 Rx2 rope climbs, 135 Back Squats. HSPU 25 lb plate with abmat
Tom30:01 Rx2 185# / 15 wall walks 15 FPU
Ken H18:03  135# squats
Sam17:41 Rx2 Rope climbs, 185# squat, HSPU w/ 45 plate and ab mat
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Angie 9:51am
Way to go, Ang! Nice work!

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Sunday, August 02, 2015
Back Squat / Deadlifts / Cleans / Thrusters

From 555Fitness

Same weight through whole WOD: 135/95

20 Back squat  
400m run
20 Deadlifts
400m run
20 Cleans
400m run
30 Thrusters
400m run

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1st23:58 RxKevin Sun,Aug 2,2015

Kevin23:58 Rx