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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tomorrow: DIANE
Jimmy & Dean & Paul G

CrossFit Tabata

4 Exercises
8 Rounds Each Exercise
20 sec Amrap each Round
10 sec rest between Rounds

Body Wight Squats       Rx2: Box Squats
Flash Push-ups             Rx2: Knees
Abmat Sit-ups              Rx2: Crunches
Pull-ups                       Rx2: 43' Ring Rows

100% 0%
Chosen as WOD: Tue,Jun 28,2016 Tue,Feb 9,2016 Mon,Aug 10,2015 Sat,May 17,2014 Thu,Dec 19,2013 Tue,Oct 1,2013
1st409 Angie Mon,Aug 10,2015
2nd384 Angela W Mon,Aug 10,2015
3rd360 Mollie Today!
1st442 John Ne Mon,Aug 10,2015
2nd412 Toby Today!
3rd398 Adam B Today!

Amanda Sc295 Rx
Wendy B339 Rx2 ring rows; pr by 1 rep
Jeff He291 Rx
Kate G190 Rx2 Air squats, abmat sit-ups, knee push-ups, ring rows
Christy349 Rx2 ring rows
Roy316 Rx Tender Shoulder
Sam308 Rx
Dean285 Rx
RussNo score Rx 13121417121489910...nope
Justin Gro359 Rx
John B318 Rx 143AS, 70FP, 89SU, 16PU (elbow)
Walt280 Rx2
Michelle S277 Rx super excited - first pullups since chemo and surgery!!! Did 12!!!! :)
Judy H410 Rx2 rings
Julie St341  ring rows
Toby412 Rx 141, 94, 101, 76
Scott A337 Rx
Ben259 Rx
Kelly M178 Rx2
Alex P290 Rx2 rings
Jeff B341 Rx 126,70,82,63
Elizabeth K112, 81, 61, 75 Rx2
Bryan351 Rx 127/74/95/55
Jeff P334 Rx
Phil216 Rx
Antonio314 Rx
Jimmy286 Rx
Paul G260 Rx
Mollie360 Rx
Joy F285 Rx2
Alex Ek359 Rx
Adam B398 Rx 165-78-93-62
John D216 Rx
Tom256  rx except ring rows
Joy P324 Rx2 ring rows
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Angie 9:21am
Amazing accomplishment, Michelle!!

Larry B 10:17am
Michelle - you are an inspiration.

Jeff He 1:38pm
Way to go Michelle!!

Justin Gro 7:31pm
Look out, Leaderboarders!  Here comes Mollie!

Mollie 10:01pm
Jeez thanks for the  encouragement ;)

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