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Tuesday, May 05, 2015 Tomorrow: On-Ramp Tabata 11.1.14 ,Pain Train Skill ,Pain Train WOD3
Happy Birthday Jon
Welcome Dena
Fit to fight fire

50 Deadlifts @ bodyweight  Rx2: 115/75
75 Burpee box jumps          Rx2: Brp Set-ups
2k meter row (1 mile Run)  Rx2: 1000 m Row

*Athlete must complete one movement before moving to the next
*40 min Time Cap

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Chosen as WOD: Sun,Apr 26,2015
1st335 Rxtanuja Today!
2nd29:28 RxMelanie C Today!
3rd32:27 RxTavia Today!
1st21:04 RxJosh M Today!
2nd21:20 RxMatthew Today!
3rd21:50 RxKevin Sun,Apr 26,2015

Wendy B27:25 Rx2 85#dl; burpee step-ups; 2000m row (9:35)
Danielle Duk28:11 Rx2 20' burpee BJ, 1 mile run
Ann L25:32 Rx2 95# dl 1000-9:55
Christy28:29 Rx2 85# DL, burpee step ups BJ, 1mile run
Dena31:31 Rx2 Step ups 85#
Melanie C29:28 Rx 155lb. deadlift (time-5:33), 9:33 row; slow steady pace with burpees and deadlifts
Susan25.35 Rx2 75#dl burpee stepups20', 800m run
Michelle S30:16 Rx2 1 week after last round of chemo!!! whoo hoo :)
Scott Fo38:02  BW DL, BJ&S/U combo, run
Angela D25:36 Rx2 75# dl, 20' burpee step ups, 1 mile run
Devon S24:56 Rx2 Body weight DL redbox
Melody29:34 Rx2 115 dl 20' burpee box jumps , run
Benjamin26:08 Rx 225lbs
Erin P26:05 Rx2 115#
Tavia32:27 Rx
Wilda39:05 Rx2 125# SU
Josh R24:30 Rx 225 lbs. body weight 204
Sam37:30 Rx2 30 reps 225lb. dl. 20 reps 165 dl. 24' box, 1 mile run
Justin Gro26:15 Rx 185#, row
Matthew21:20 Rx 👯
Joanna28:00 Rx2 85 lbs
Ben39:41 Rx
Roy23:28 Rx
John B30:00 Rx
Toby30:00 Rx 1 mile run w 20# vest
tanuja335 Rx
Brian S21:04 Rx2 185# DL (80% BW) Stepups
Josh M21:04 Rx 205 #DL
Amanda S26:30  85lbs DL, bupree box step ups
Results Posted: 29

Amy H 6:25am
Happy Birthday Jon!! Don't forget those Birthday Burpees!!

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Monday, May 04, 2015
Anniversary Javier
On Ramp KBS, Burp, Squats

50 Squats Buy-in
15 KBS 35/26
3 Burpees
12 KBS
3 Burpees
2 Burpees
2 Burpees
1 Burpee

0% 0%
1st6:41 RxCarol Mon,May 4,2015
1st5:43 RxCaleb Mon,May 4,2015
2nd6:35 Rx2Jared Mon,May 4,2015
3rd26:25greg Mon,May 4,2015

Carol6:41 Rx 26 lbs kb
Caleb5:43 Rx 26lb kb
Jared6:35 Rx2
greg26:25  95#