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Monday Jan 13,2014

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Signiture: Time-Rx3
  Thrusters 95/65
         Rx2: 65/45
         Rx3: 55/35
         Masters 55+ Rx: 65/45
         Rx2: Band
         Rx3: Ring Rows
         Masters 55+ Rx: Pull-Ups

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Cindy11:49  Rx3 ring pulls
Ariel13:30  35lb bar and green band pu
Daniel Bi9:56 Rx
Melanie C10:54  blue band pull-up's
Tammy M13:38  55 lb Thrusters, no band pull-ups
Larry B9:57  rx2 - 65, red band pullups
Ann L9:33  rx 2.5 35# thrusters, blue band
Valarie13:14  Ring rows, 35lbs :(
Phil11:47  65lb, red band PU
Catherine8:50  Green/Blue Band 25 lb
Kelly T10:11  rx2 45# thruster, ring rows
Danielle Dul7:56  45# Ring Rows
Michele9:33 Rx
Jessica J13:03  45# and green/blue band.
Jenny M11:12  35#, blu/grn, grn/grn bands
Justin Gro7:30  65 lb, green band pu
Kevin6:23 Rx
Lisa S12:08  25lb thrusters Ring rows
Amanda P8:34 RX3  ring rows
Chris K9:48 Rx
Jesse8:55  45#,black/blue band
Brian S10:08 Rx PR by 2:36
Michelle S11:07  shoulders exhausted from competition day before
Jeff R4:49 Rx
Kody15:02  singles, still working through asthma issues
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