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Thursday Feb 6,2014


Signiture: Rounds-Rx2
20 min Amrap
  5 Pull-Ups                   Rx2: Progressions
  10 Push-Ups (Flash)  
  15 Squats

*Score is total number of completed Rounds

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Roy13 + 15 Rx
Daniel Bi16 + 15 Rx
Justin Gro15+5 Rx
Tammy M13 Rx No bands, 22 push-ups after 13 rounds (hands ripped a lil' bit- ouch)
Melody12 + 5  red+green 6 rounds green+blue rest
Jayna13 + 5 pu  Did this at home. Used door pull up bar and did jump-up pull ups
Catherine Blue band for 2 rounds, green pu for rest
Jessika14+10  kip ring rows
Kelly T12 +15  kip ring rows, bench dips
Andrea +5 pull + 2 push black bnd +c/o
Rachel Pe16  kipping pullups w/ green band
Jenn14 +5 pullups  kipping pullups w/ green band
mariann14+ 4 pullups  8 rds with blue band 6w/ blue + red bands
Jonathan D12 Rx
Lauren Hol19  green band kipping
Shaunna14  plus cashout
Jamie V10  knee push up, green and black
Jon9 rx + 1 whole,shiny pull up Rx
Brian S17 Rx wall at 8
Dawn S11 + 15  kipping ring rows and back extensions
Jesse8+9  kip w/ black band...weak/sore arm from tetanus shot today
David R12+22 Rx
Amanda P8 rounds  kipping ring rows
Phil10+3 Rx
Devon J14  5 BJ's 30', 10 BE, 15 Sq
Megan P15  Blue band
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