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Monday Mar 10,2014

AngieSigniture: CINDY


For time:
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Air Squats

*In order  

100 Ring Rows or 50 Pull ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Air Squats

Rx Masters 55+:
65 Pull-ups
65 Push-ups
65 Sit-ups
65 Air Squats

*Broken up however

0% 0%
TodayAll Time

Paul E32:24  green and blue band pu
Larry B29:57 Rx
Roy25:28 Rx
Phil40:02 Rx Ouch!
Kyle N34:10  green band pullups
Justin Gro26:30 Rx
Ariel28:35  black band pu, +c/o
Holly W29:58  half with green band, half with green and blue band.
Michelle S29:41  10 pull ups no band, red, red&blue
Ann L26:03  green
Jayna33:55  green band
Lisa C34:30  pu blk band 50, blk and red 50 reps
Cary36:41  bands..all of them
Tammy M26:38  1-2 blue bands
Kevin22:29 Rx
Pamela24:05  full angie with green and red band
Jessika20:47  full angie ring rows
Kelly T24:15  ring rows, pregnant push ups
Catherine32:12  60 pu,50pushup,100sit,100squt then 30pull and 50push up
Christine B20:10 Rx2 green and blue band 85 pu then 15 on rings. Holy moly!
Allyson24:45  green bands
Robby W26:02 Rx
Angelica11:55 Rx2 Ring Rows
Jenny M28:28  blk/blu band
Jonathan D31:56 Rx ripped both hands
Erin J31:48  green/blue band + cashout
Brittaney33:57 Rx ring rows
Mark B36:00 Rx green band PU
John Gr19:30 Rx2 FAILURE. Blue band 55 pullup. green 25. kipping 20. only 50 pushups and 17 squats before end
Jon37:36 Rx what hands?
Melanie C25:51 Rx Pull-ups: 55 green band, 45 green and blue bands
Jesse27:19  full angie grn/red band pull ups
Amy Mi28:30 Rx blu black
Brian S25:16 Rx 10:37, 15:25, 20:10, 25:16
Rachael Ma29:55  Ring, knees
Daniel Bi24:00 Rx ripped hand on pu
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