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Friday Feb 20,2015

Max: Back Squat 1RMDU's/Singles, LungesOn-Ramp WOD #143 FGB Other Posted Results

Back Squat 1RM

Max: Weight
Establish 1 Rep Max Back Squat

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Wendy B145 Rx
Erin J155 Rx
Amy L135 Rx 17th
Melanie C205 Rx 135,185,205
Scott Fo405 Rx
Justin Gro245 Rx
Joshua365 Rx
John Ne275 Rx
Ben M225 Rx
Tavia175 Rx pr
Michele175 Rx
Larry B275 Rx
Samantha R165 Rx
Blake165 Rx 11th could have gone up, ran out of time
Josh M315 Rx
Brian S295 Rx
Shay235!! Rx failed at 245
Angela Wa245 Rx
Tammy M135 Rx
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