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Wednesday Apr 22,2015

Happy Birthday Tiffany M
Welcome Sam W
Hero: SmallOn-Ramp WOD #95 -21-15-9


Hero: Time-Rx3
For Time
1000 m Row  
   Rx3: 750 m Row
50 Burpees      
   Rx3: 30 Burpees
50 Box Jumps 24/20  
   Rx2: 20/18
   Rx3: Step ups
800 m run                        
   Rx3: 600 m Run

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Wendy B23:38 Rx slow but rx!
Angela D19:41 Rx
Danielle Duk20:26 Rx
Angie15:16 Rx
Joshua14:33 Rx
Melanie C22:03 Rx
John B21:04 Rx Rebound BJ
Michelle S23:14 Rx ran 800!!! tears of joy at the end! getting better :)
Erin P15:36 Rx
Kate M22:04 Rx2 Step ups
Larry B18:01 Rx
Tammy M16:20 Rx2 18' box jumps
Robert S17:29 Rx
Sam W20:23 Rx2 10 reps at 24 in box
Ken H17:30 Rx
Ben M20:55 Rx
Tristan17:14 Rx
Melody18:10 Rx
Kim C21:55 Rx2 Modified burpees & 20 inch step ups
John Ne11:50 Rx
Jake19:41 Rx2 Step Ups
Justin Gro18:06 Rx
Josh M16:52 Rx
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