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Wednesday, Jul 8, 2015

Happy Birthday Nathan

Thruster Ladder

Strength: Weight
Thruster Ladder (Emom)
Every minute on the minute complete 1 thruster.  Men increase weight by 10 pounds every min and women increase by 5 pounds
Rx Men's Starting Weight - 65#
Rx Women's Starting Weight - 45#

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Chosen as WOD: Wed,Jul 8,2015
1st95 Tammy M Wed,Jul 8,2015
Melody Wed,Jul 8,2015
2nd75 Amanda Sc Wed,Jul 8,2015
3rd55 Susan Wed,Jul 8,2015
Elizabeth K Wed,Jul 8,2015
1st225 Roy Wed,Jul 8,2015
2nd155 Sam Wed,Jul 8,2015
3rd145 Tom Wed,Jul 8,2015

Angela W135 Rx missed 140
Danielle Duk95 Rx PR!
Tammy M95 Rx
Joshua205 Rx 215 mental fail
Melody95 Rx
Roy225 Rx
Matthew165 Rx
Kim C100 Rx PR--attempted 105 but failed
Daniel Bi225 Rx
Jared40 Rx
Kelly M50# Rx
Caleb75# Rx
Tom145 Rx
Amanda Sc75 Rx
Morgan150 Rx
Dennis B215 Rx PR
Susan55 Rx PR 60 lb attempt clean
John G135 Rx
Elizabeth K55 RX Rx
Sam155 Rx
Greg D105 Rx failed at 115
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