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Tuesday Aug 11,2015

Team: Team: Row, LungesOn-Ramp WOD #10 TABATAStrength: Split Jerks 5 x 2

Team: Row, Lunges

Team: Calories-Rx2
3 Person Team
15 min Time Cap
Partner #1 Row Max Calories
Partner #2 100 ft Overhead Lunges 45/25 (Rx2: 25/10)
Partner #3 Rest  

Partners rotate after completing each 100 ft Lunges

Score is total number of Calories Rowed

0% 0%
1st175 Katia Tue,Aug 11,2015
2nd158 Wendy B Tue,Aug 11,2015
3rd193 2Amy L Tue,Aug 11,2015
1st236 Bryan Tue,Aug 11,2015
2nd231 Sam W Tue,Aug 11,2015
3rd201 John D Tue,Aug 11,2015

Danielle Duk158 Rx Partners: Wendy & Jackie
Wendy B158 Rx w/Danielle and Jackie
Renae174 Rx2 w/Shawn and Kristy
Justin Gro184 Rx 2 man team w/ Kirby
Anthony P196 Rx worked with Fernando
Justin GraKobey Flower 189 Rx
Toby189 Rx 2 man team w/ Justin Granville
Jayna161 Rx2 Acacia and Kenny
Walt152. Deanne and Monica Rx2
Julie St202 Rx gr8 team Sam & Coach Denis
Dennis B202 Rx with Julie House + Samantha Roberts; GO TEAM!
Samantha R202 Rx with Julie House and Coach Dennis
Jackie B158 Rx2 rx2 10 lbs, w/ Danielle and Wendy
Christy174 Rx2 10# ovh lunge, w Renae & Shawn
Sam W231 Rx W/ Nate and Matt
Bryan236 Rx With John and Jeff
John Gr244 Rx jonvoganandmike
Ben M152 Rx caleb and Jared 15,10
Kelly M149 Rx
John B236 Rx2 With Brian and Jeff 45 and 25 lb plate for WL
Katia175 Rx 4 Person Team with Nicolas Lord, Jessenia Kahn, and Amber Richardson
John D201 Rx 4 person team
Jesse175 Rx 45#plate; 4 person team
Jon244 Rx
Mike B244 Rx Jon and John
Amy L193 Rx2 15# Over head Lunges
Scott Pa240 Rx2 With Claudia & Sandra
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