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Thursday Sep 3,2015

Happy Birthday James H
EMOM: E2MOM: Run, BJ, KBSOn-Ramp WOD #48 partner 21-15-9Max: Seated Box Jump


EMOM: Rounds-Rx2
-200 m Run                                      
     Rx3: 100 m Run
-20 Box Jumps 30/24      
     Rx2: 24/20    
     Rx3: Step-ups
-20 KB Swings 70/53      
     Rx2: 53/35    
     Rx3: 35/26

*Score is number of completed Rounds. There are 15 total Rounds

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Scott Fo15 Rx2
Angela Wa15 Rx
John Ne15 Rx
Danielle Duk12  24' box jumps (ate it on last set - did 18 out of 20), 26# KB swings (went light, pinched nerve in back)
Amy F15 Rx2
Kyle N15  54# kbs for half, grip was fatigued and scales back to 35#
Larry B15 Rx2 1 round rx
Justin Gro15 Rx2
Melody15 Rx2
Toby15 Rx2 30'' box. Shoulder problems, stuck with 53# on KB.
Angela D15  26# KB
Julie St15  35 then 26kb/ bj then stepup 18'
Samantha R15 Rx 24' box jump,35# KB
Christy15 Rx2 35#KBS, step ups 18'
Anthony P15 Rx
Tristan14 Rx2 DNF Kbs; back issues
Bryan C15 Rx
Jeff B15 Rx2
Sam W15 Rx2 30' box. 53# KB
Todd L15 Rx2
Melanie C15 Rx
Walt15  Masters
Scott Pa15  Masters 35# kb, 18' step up
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