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Thursday Sep 10,2015

Strength: Box Squats 7 x 3BS, Row, DUOn-Ramp WOD #57 Jackie

Box Squats 7 x 3

Strength: Weight
7 Rounds
3 Reps each Round
Squat to Box (crease of hip parallel)
  *3 sec down Tempo

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Scott Fo365 Rx 135*5; 225*5, 275, 315, 365
Wendy B115 Rx do more next time
John Ne300 Rx
Angela Wa225 Rx
Angela D90 Rx
Kyle N275 Rx
Debbie N70 Rx
Amy F135# Rx
Melody165 Rx
Justin Gro255 Rx
John B325 Rx WooHoo!
Toby325 Rx Shoulda gone for more.
Walt105 Rx Masters
Julie St205 1 rep max Rx
Samantha R225 Rx New PR
Larry B335 Rx
Kim C140 Rx
Erin J115 Rx
Bryan C275 Rx
Kate M95# Rx
Tom S95# Rx
Josh M315 Rx
Melanie C95 Rx
Mary Wahlstrom.135 Rx Masters
Christopher B165 Rx
Scott Pa155 Rx
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