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Tuesday, Feb 23, 2016

Happy Birthday Julie St

'Back-up' Trooper Fields

Hero: Time-Rx3
2 Person Team

1,500 m Row
75 Thrusters  
1,500 m Row

Rx2: 65/45        
Masters 50+: 55/35  

Partner 1 performs 1,000 m Row. Once 1,000 m Row is complete Partner 1 begins to work on 75 reps of Thrusters  

When Partner 1 gets off the rower, Partner 2 will perform 500 m Row. Once 500 m Row is complete, Partner 2 will begin to assist Partner 1 in completing 75 reps of Thrusters

Once Thrustes are complete, Team relays 1,500 m Row. Rotate however

*Partner 1 preforms 10 Burpees every time the bar is set down during the time Partner 2 is rowing. Once Partner 2 has completed rowing no more burpees are required by team

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Chosen as WOD: Mon,Aug 14,2017 Tue,Feb 23,2016
1st15:52 Sheridan Mon,Aug 14,2017
2nd17:23 Emily C Mon,Aug 14,2017
Lisa J Mon,Aug 14,2017
3rd18:25 Angie Mon,Aug 14,2017
Wendy B Mon,Aug 14,2017
1st14:42 Bryan Mon,Aug 14,2017
Jeff B Mon,Aug 14,2017
2nd14:50 Josh R Mon,Aug 14,2017
Spencer B Mon,Aug 14,2017
3rd15:09 Brian L Mon,Aug 14,2017

Roy17:10 Rx Jeff Heller and John Vogan
Scott Fa17:59 Rx Jeff B
Jeff He17:15 Rx2 with Roy and John
Toby18:44 Rx with Greg and Larry
Larry B18:44  squat cleans/Toby & Greg
Melody21:00  With Dani partner #2 34 thrusters
Judy H19:35 Rx3 with Mary
Julie St20:03 Rx2 Nani is tea
Jon17:10 Rx WIth the big man himself & Jeff Heller. (You two carried me this morning, thank you)
Jeff B17:59 Rx Scott fasone
Erin Mi19:30 Rx2 JEFF RICE
Jeff R19:30  Erin Miller
Scott Pa19:03 Rx2 With Drew Barnhill
David F16:33 Rx with Adam Rx as well
Alex P19:12 Rx2 55 lbs & 45#'s with Susan
Susan19:12 Rx2 w/ Alex 45# thrusters
Bob17:44 Rx3 w/Jeff 55#
Emily P20:37 Rx2 w/ Molly
Kelly T25:06 Rx With a sick Blake! You did amazing even while under the weather! ❤
Antonio16:04 Rx with jimmy
Amanda Sa20:50 Rx2 With Angelika; partner 2; 35# thrusters
Scott A17:49 Rx w/ Karen G.
Karen G17:49 Rx w/ scott
Kara L22:03 Rx3
Joy F22:03 Rx3 Stephanie Bradley and Kara L.
Blake25:06 Rx Kelly your the bomb!!! Your 'back up' needed some 'back up' today!!! Your awesome!!
Greg D18:44 Rx2 Teamed with larry and toby
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