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Tuesday Mar 15,2016

Max: Snatch 1RMJerry

Snatch 1RM

Max: Weight
Establish 1 Rep Max Snatch
(Power or Squat)

*a Press-out is a No Rep

0% 0%
TodayAll Time

Scott Fo135 Rx 10th 135 sets to work on 2nd pull
Roy165 Rx
Toby135 Rx
Justin Gro135 Rx Pressed out at 145 and 155
Larry B95 Rx
John B105 Rx
Ben M115 Rx 12th
Erin Mi65 Rx
Robert R120 Rx
Sam W165 Rx
Alex P95 Rx 3rd
David F135 Rx
Bob85 Rx
Kelly T85 Rx PR!!!! Finally
Jeff B135 Rx pr
Antonio125 Rx could have gone up but wanted to work on weighted heaving SN balance
Blake100 Rx 2nd 100 easy peasy, 105# drove the struggle bus 😂Could have got it with a little more time!
Amanda Sc55 Rx
Greg D95 Rx 14th Tried 105 but pressed it out
Karen G90 Rx
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