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Thursday Apr 14,2016

Gymversary Dee-1
Strength: Split Jerks 5 x 2Signiture: GRACE

Split Jerks 5 x 2

Strength: Weight

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Scott Fo225 Rx 95; 135; 155; 185; 225
Roy225 Rx
Michelle S80# Rx
Daniel Br205 Rx
John B145 Rx (could have done more)
Ben M155 Rx
Kelly T95# Rx broke bar on 105 attempt
Alex P105 Rx
Sam W205 Rx 1 rep at 215
Antonio135lbs Rx
Jeff B165 Rx
Karen G125 Rx
bridget25lb Rx
Tammy M95 Rx
Mayra25lb Rx
Tom S125 Rx
Mike B135 Rx
Blake115 Rx Could have gone heavier. Taking care of carpal tunnel. Hurts on the recieving back into rack possito
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