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Friday Apr 22,2016

Happy Birthday Tiffany M
Gymversary Sam W-1

C+J Emom Pull-ups

50 Clean and Jerks  
  Rx: 135/95
  Rx2: 95/65
  Rx3: 55/35

*Every Minute on the Minute:
Rx: 5 Pull ups
Rx2: 10 Juping Pull-ups
Rx3: 5 Jumping Pull-ups

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TodayAll Time

Roy7:49 Rx
Scott Fo9:43 Rx
Amanda Sc11:50 Rx3
Wendy B17:58 Rx2 Rx2 as written; yes, that's 170 jpu's
Angie12:51 Rx
Russ16:33 Rx2
Michael L12:12 Rx2 ***65lbs 60 reps, 10 jumping pulls 120
John B18:30 Rx2 RX PU, 95 lb CJ
Toby19:44 Rx
Justin Gro20:53 Rx
Michelle S13:47 Rx2
Elle16:53 Rx2 65# 3 pull ups
Daniel Br15:55 Rx
Amanda Sa12:25 Rx3 #35, Jumping Pu 5x - 1st one back
Ben M14:45 Rx2 95# last few reps Jeff changed me to 3 pull ups
Brian L16:40 Rx3 75# CJ
Scott A10:38 Rx2
Alex P8:51 Rx2 as written
Alex Ek11:56 Rx2 95lbs - reg pull ups
Kelly M7:15 Rx3 ring rows\35lbs
Sam W16:55 Rx
Kelly T9:57 Rx2
Tom S6:57 Rx3 RX3 but 10 Jumping PUs
Jeff R7:58 Rx
Antonio11:06 Rx2 95Lb CL &PU
Greg D12:36 Rx2 75# cj and jumping pullups
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