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Wednesday May 4,2016

Mollie & Dylan R
Max: Front Squat 1RMSigniture: Cindy

Front Squat 1RM

Max: Weight
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Roy275 Rx 135-185-225-275-275
Jeff He225 Rx pr
Wendy B160 Rx 8th fail at 165#; pr by 25
Karen G185 Rx
Scott Fa205 Rx
Angie175 Rx
Justin Gro225 Rx PR
Toby245 Rx 20# PR. Thanks for the extra push Justin and Daniel!
John B215 Rx 10# PR. There was still more in the tank.
Dylan R185 Rx easing back into it
Greg D135 Rx
Kara L100 Rx
Ben M225 Rx 11th
Sam W225 Rx Failed at 255 4 times
Elle105 Rx
Derek165 Rx
Amanda Sc105 Rx
Bob125 Rx 21st
Alex P140 Rx
Alex Ek185 Rx
Antonio205 Rx
Stephanie B70 Rx
Jeff B205 Rx
Kelly T125 Rx PR BABY!!!!
Tom S195 Rx New PR!
Phil195 Rx
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