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Wednesday Aug 24,2016

Strength: Box Squats 7 x 33 Amraps: BS, Shuttle Run, RowOther Posted Results

Box Squats 7 x 3

Strength: Weight
7 Rounds
3 Reps each Round
Squat to Box (crease of hip parallel)
  *3 sec down Tempo

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Jeff He275 Rx
Wendy B145 Rx pr (below parallel)
Dean135 Rx run:49 squat:29 row:48
Julian275 Rx
Russ275 Rx
Angie205 Rx
Dylan R185 Rx
Toby275 Rx below parallel/to bench
Michelle S115 Rx 3 reps box squat
Erin Mi135 Rx
Alex Ek205 Rx
Emily Co165# Rx
Elle115 Rx
Erin A115 Rx
Roy315 Rx
Antonio255 Rx
Jeff B275 Rx
Elizabeth K85 Rx 31 20 44
Derek155 Rx
Larry B295 Rx
Alex P165 Rx
Results Posted: 21