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Tuesday Sep 13,2016

Happy Birthday Andres
Amrap7: RT, KBLOverhead Squats 5 x 5

Amrap7: RT, KBL

7 min Amrap
14 Russian Twist 20/14            Rx2: 14/20
14 KB Walking Lunges 35/26    Rx2: Body Weight
(7 reps each side)

*Score is total number of reps. 1 Rnd = 28 reps

0% 0%
1st221 Michelle S Tue,Sep 13,2016
2nd214 Lori F Tue,Sep 13,2016
3rd175 Amanda Sc Tue,Sep 13,2016
Emily Co Tue,Sep 13,2016
1st261 Toby Tue,Sep 13,2016
2nd258 Justin Gro Tue,Sep 13,2016
3rd245 Jeff B Tue,Sep 13,2016

Wendy B172 Rx leave the kb closer to rt's next time
Amanda Sc175 Rx
Kate B122 Rx2
Roy171 Rx
Brian L196 Rx
John B210 Rx
Toby261 Rx
Russ182 Rx
Julie St165 Rx
Judy H168 Rx2
Mary Wahl.116 Rx2
Michelle S221 Rx
Melody167 Rx
Justin Gro258 Rx
Walt168 Rx2
Derinda240 Rx2
Ben M210 Rx
Lori F214 Rx
Emily Co175 Rx
Renata168 Rx
Timothy B168 Rx2
Alex P203 Rx2
Phil158 Rx
Mollie264  10lbs KB and med ball
Susan214 Rx2
Sam W178 Rx
Amanda Sa182 Rx2 10# RT, 26# KB Lunges
Bryan238 Rx
Erin A154 Rx2 did 26#kb lunges
Jeff B245 Rx
Antonio227 Rx
Alex Ek241 Rx
Larry B200 Rx
John D126 Rx2 14# wb; 26# kb
Tom S146 Rx2
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