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Tuesday Nov 15,2016

Gymversary Roy-3
Amrap12: Run, Pull-upsStrength: Deadlifts 5 x 3Other Posted Results

Amrap12: Run, Pull-ups

12 min Amrap
200 m Run or 250 m Run
Max Effort Pull-ups
           Rx2: Bands
           Rx3: Rings
           Elitle: Chest 2 Bar

*Score is total number of Pull-ups

0% 0%
1st65 2Michelle S Tue,Nov 15,2016
2nd53 2Amanda Sc Tue,Nov 15,2016
3rd80 3Wendy B Tue,Nov 15,2016
1st78 +Toby Tue,Nov 15,2016
2nd66 +Adam B Tue,Nov 15,2016
3rd62 +Bryan Tue,Nov 15,2016

Wendy B80 Rx3 ring rows (5 - 200m runs)
Amanda Sc53 Rx2 red and green bands
Roy45 Rx+
Christy63 Rx2 Blue/green band pull ups
Kate B49 Rx3
Justin Gro60 Rx
Brian L110  Sit-ups
Robby G42 Rx
Jason K51 Rx
Russ35 Rx
Dee60 Rx2
John B46 Rx sets of 5 and run (1800m)
Scott Pa46 Rx with row
Michelle S65 Rx2
JJ64 Rx+
Toby78 Rx+
Bill B25 bansed Rx
Alex Ek80 Rx
Bryan62 Rx+
Jeff B80 Rx
Adam B66 Rx+
Sam W50 Rx Getting back in the groove
Tammy M25 Rx
John D42 Rx2 Black band
Antonio33 Rx+
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