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Monday Jan 23,2017

Happy Birthday Marilyn
Amrap15: PJ, BRLBaseline

Amrap15: PJ, BRL

15 min Amrap
Unbroken Push Jerks
  Perform 20 DU or 60 Singles each break in reps

Unbroken Back Rack Lunges
  Perform 20 Sit-ups  each break in reps

  Rx: 135/75
  Rx2: 95/55
  Rx3: 65/35 (Back Squats)

*Score is total number of PJ + BRL

0% 0%
1st95 Lauren Hol Mon,Jan 23,2017
2nd140 2Katia Mon,Jan 23,2017
3rd117 2Erin A Mon,Jan 23,2017
1st120 Bryan Mon,Jan 23,2017
2nd116 Jeff R Mon,Jan 23,2017
3rd96 Adam B Mon,Jan 23,2017

Wendy B86 Rx2 55#; singles; sets of 10
Stacy110 Rx2
Mike B52 Rx2
Kate B64 Rx2
Christy92 Rx 75#, DU's
Dee65 Rx2
Shawn B79 Rx2 Back rack lunges from rack
Mark L54 Rx3 75 lbs
John B64 Rx2 as written
Jason K84 Rx
Russ90 Rx2 Du's
Sam W95 Rx2
Michelle S110 Rx2 rx 2.5 65#
JJ130 Rx
Dylan R128 Rx2
Melody67 Rx2 75# Jeff made me try du's not successful today haha
Georgie100 Rx3
Jeff R116 Rx
Lauren Hol95 Rx
Spencer Bor140 Rx2
Brian L81 Rx2 115# & Singles
Katia140 Rx2 Went for high reps and less jumping today
Alexis100 Rx2
Elizabeth K87 Rx2 55#
Erin A117 Rx2
Jimmy118 Rx2 PJ 20,11,15 BRL 40,32
Kim B98 Rx3
Bryan120 Rx 20/20/15/20/12/20/13
Phil110 Rx3 95lb, back squat instead of lunge
David F107 Rx2 singles rest RX
Damaris116 Rx3
Mollie167 br lunges Rx3
Lindsey Gro124 br lunges Rx3
Paul G143 Rx2
Adam B96 Rx PJ-15,10,12,9,8 L-12,10,10,10
Joy F100 Rx3 45#, 20-20,18-18,15-9
Bethany130 Rx3
Justin Gro90 Rx 18 PJ, 72 LGS
Leslie70 Rx3 35 PJ; 35 BS; single JR
Tom S92 Rx3
Susan97 Rx3
Jerilyn100 Rx3
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