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Tuesday Jan 24,2017

Happy Birthday Kathryn
Erin A & Leslie
4 x Amrap1: Row, SS, BurpBaselineStrength: Hang Snatch 5 x 5Other Posted Results

4 x Amrap1: Row, SS, Burp

4 Rounds
1:00 Calorie Row
1:00 Rest
1:00 10 m Shuttle Sprints
1:00 Rest
1:00 Burpess to 45 lb plate
1:00 Rest

*Score is total number of Cals + Rnds - Reps

0% 0%
1st198 Blake Tue,Jan 24,2017
2nd195 Michelle S Tue,Jan 24,2017
3rd187 Melody Tue,Jan 24,2017
1st273 Toby Tue,Jan 24,2017
2nd257 Adam B Tue,Jan 24,2017
3rd252 David F Tue,Jan 24,2017

Stacy189 Rx
Amanda Sc176 Rx
Mark L171 Rx
Roy221 Rx
Justin Gro216 Rx
Russ202 Rx
Melody187 Rx
Scott Pa163 Rx
Judy H148 Rx
Elle161 Rx
Michelle S195 Rx
Erin A178 Rx
Kayla158 Rx
Ben M205 Rx
Timothy B169 Rx
Susan172 Rx
Elizabeth K179 Rx
Leslie137 Rx
David F252 Rx order run, burpee, row
Jeff B236 Rx 81 Run, 73 B2P, 82 Cal.
Sam W250 Rx
Josh R221 Rx
Toby273 Rx
Adam B257 Rx 82-91-84
Katia186 Rx
Dean221 Rx
Jeff P224 Rx
Jimmy222 Rx cr77, sprint 88, bur 57
Rob L247 Rx
Dee210 Rx
Antonio231 Rx
Paul G215 Rx
John B314  BJs (24'), SR (with class), RKBS (70 & 53 lbs)
Mike B181 Rx
Greg D204 Rx 71 row - 80 run - 53 burpees
Blake198 Rx
Tom S159 Rx
Jeff R239 Rx
Spencer B213 Rx need work on rower
Alex P166 Rx
Julian157 Rx 53 row - 51 sprints - 53 burpees
Results Posted: 41