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Tuesday Feb 7,2017

10 - 1: PP, SQ, DU

Push Press 115/75
          Rx2: 75/55
          Rx3: 55/35
          Elite: 135/85

*after each round perform:
    25 Squats
    25 Double Unders
         Rx2: 75 Singles

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Stacy22:56 Rx2 55# PP
Jeff B25:50 Rx2 rx2.5-5 DU/round, 135# Push press
Amanda Sc21:30 Rx2 60 lbs , singles
Dee23:56 Rx2 95# PP
Christy26:43 Rx2 65#, 25 DUs
Amy L25:33 Rx
Jeff He26:05 Rx2 115 pp 5 du
Wendy B22:42 Rx2 55#; singles
Justin Gro27:13 Rx
Melody40:05 Rx 75# du!!!!!
John B29:50 Rx2 95 lbs. + DUs (2 days in a row)
Michelle S24:32 Rx2 75#, singles
Erin A26:03 Rx2 as written
Mark L26:15 Rx2
Andrew B15:47  75# All Unbroken, 15 SQ & SU; Limited SQ & JR due to ankle recovery.
Russ34:41  135#,air squats,sit-ups
Blake22:13 Rx+
Georgie26:20  65#, 15 squat, 15 sit up
Josh S24:50 Rx+
Elle23:57 Rx2 55# all DU
Larry B24:03 Rx+
Kelly T27:42 Rx
Jerilyn18:02 Rx3
Jeff R16:14 Rx+
David F23:13 Rx2 singles. 135#
Bryan C16:24 Rx+
Alex P26:07 Rx2 5 double unders, 75# PP
Bob20:47 Rx2 15 calf raisers per round
Adam B16:34 Rx+
Mollie17:19 Rx3 only rx3 weight
JJ12:26 Rx+
Paul G19:12 Rx DU Mixed with Singles
Katia21:03 Rx2 75# push press and rx2 5:5 DU
Tammy M22:49 Rx (Girl bar)
Christopher T18:55 Rx2
Spencer Bor22:39 Rx+
Tom S33:02 Rx2
Sam W24:12 Rx+
Josh R23:08  Rx+ weight rx2.5 10 du
Shawn B23:45 Rx3 45 sore shoulder
Amanda Sa22:54 Rx2 45# (could have done more), 25 squats, 5 double unders
Jimmy26:40 Rx2 115# 75 singles jump ropes, 25 squats
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