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Friday Feb 10,2017

:45 RD, DUMax: Back Squat 1RMOther Posted Results

:45 RD, DU

6 Rounds
45 sec Double Unders
     Rx2: Singles
     Rx3: Calorie Row
15 sec Rest  
45 sec Ring Dips
     Rx2: Banded
     Rx3: Box Dips
15 sec Rest

*Score is total number of reps

0% 0%
1st701 2Joy P Fri,Feb 10,2017
2nd693 2Alexis Fri,Feb 10,2017
3rd635 2Amanda Sc Fri,Feb 10,2017
1st447 Adam B Fri,Feb 10,2017
2nd437 Bryan C Fri,Feb 10,2017
3rd356 Toby Fri,Feb 10,2017

Wendy B694 Rx3 116 box dips, 578 singles
Stacy580 Rx3 Box dips
Bryan C437 Rx Dips 102/du 335
Amanda Sc635 Rx2 Blue band
Christy270 Rx2 DU (197), banded ring dips (73)
Shawn B560 Rx3 Sit ups right shoulder
Judy H570 Rx3
Dylan R148 Rx
Brian L104 Rx 48-DU's(LOL), 56-RD's
Justin Gro189 Rx
Toby356 Rx 108 Strict RD 248 DU
Spencer Bor229 Rx need work on dips, lost 1 rnd on DU
Michelle S458 Rx2 21 du, 22 du, 21 du
Susan337 Rx2 box dips, 3 rds of DU
Melody601 Rx2 51 banded rd 550 singles
Krissy624 Rx2
Georgie180 Rx3 10 cal and 20 box dips each round
Cara609 Rx2
Melissa L423 Rx2 banded ring dips blue band
Alexis693 Rx2 red band
Kim B480 Rx2 first banded ring dips (green)
Josh S263 Rx
Leslie422 Rx3 RX2 single unders
Jimmy531 Rx2 single/ banded
Joy P701 Rx2
Adam B447 Rx
Rob L766 Rx2
Paul G411 Rx2 Ring dips with red band
Tom S532 Rx2
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