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Monday Feb 27,2017

Thruster 5 x 5Amrap7: DU, WBOther Posted Results

Thruster 5 x 5

5 Rounds
5 Thrusters

* squat clean not permissible for first rap

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Wendy B90 Rx pr; 55-65-75-85-90
Stacy70 Rx 55#; 65#; 70#
Angie115 Rx 65-85-95-105-115
Jason K165 Rx
Katia90 Rx
Christy85 Rx 55-65, 75, 85 (failed at first, then got 85 2nd attempt.
John B115 Rx I want to grow up to be like Jason.
Amy L60 Rx
Georgie65 Rx shoulders hurting, couldn't go up
Sam W165 Rx 1 rep PR at 205
Melissa L55# Rx
Erin A85 Rx
JJ195 Rx
Alex P95 Rx
Blake100 Rx
David F145# Rx
Leslie30lb Rx bad wrist
Adam B165 Rx
Paul G125 Rx PR 165 2rps
Tom S105 Rx
Tammy M90 Rx 55,65,75,85,95
Shawn B70 Rx 55;65.:70
Jimmy135 Rx 155 one rep
Greg D85# failed after 2 reps at 95# Rx
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