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Saturday Mar 4,2017

Happy Birthday ANGELA C & Brie & Casey
Signiture: Fight Gone BadBaselineOther Posted Results

Fight Gone Bad

Signiture: Reps-Rx2
3 - 5:00 Rounds
1:00 Each Station
1:00 after each Round  

Wall Balls 20/14       Rx2: 14/10        
SDLHP 75/55           Rx2: 55/35
Box Jumps 20/20     Rx2: 18/18
Push Press 75/55     Rx2: 55/35
Row (Calories)  

*Score is total # of Reps

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TodayAll Time

Russ249 Rx Slow and low that is the tempo
Shawn B170 Rx2 Step ups rest rx1
Judy H227 Rx2
Alex P217 Rx
Leslie184 Rx2 semi wall balls - bad wrist still
Cara151 Rx 18' box
Krissy208 Rx
Josh R280 Rx
Kristy190 Rx2
Spencer Bor249 Rx
Janelle178 Rx
David F295 Rx
Sam W299 Rx PR
Lori F247 Rx
Amy L221 Rx
Joy F159 Rx2 10# wb, 55# sdlhp, 14' su
Phil214 Rx
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