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Tuesday Mar 7,2017

Happy Birthday Kristy W
Complex: SP, PP, PJ2017 Spring Festivus: WOD 3Other Posted Results

Complex: SP, PP, PJ

5 Rounds
1 Strict Press
1 Push Press
1 Power Jerk

*Clean the Bars from the floor

100% 0%
1st95# Katia Tue,Mar 7,2017
2nd85 Melody Tue,Mar 7,2017
3rd75 Erin A Tue,Mar 7,2017
Janelle Tue,Mar 7,2017
Lauren Hol Tue,Mar 7,2017
Angie Tue,Mar 7,2017
1st165 Sam W Tue,Mar 7,2017
2nd155 Jason K Tue,Mar 7,2017
David F Tue,Mar 7,2017
Russ Tue,Mar 7,2017
Adam B Tue,Mar 7,2017
3rd135 Antonio Tue,Mar 7,2017
Toby Tue,Mar 7,2017

Robby G115 Rx
Christy65# Rx
Shawn B45 Rx
Justin Gro95 Rx
John B115 Rx
Toby135 Rx
Angie75 Rx
Russ155 Rx
Roy115 Rx
Dylan R95 Rx
Lauren Hol75 Rx 55 65 75 75 75
Wendy B65 Rx
Josh R165 Rx
Christopher T105 Rx
Spencer Bor145 Rx
Brian L125 Rx Couldn't get 135# SP
Sam W165 Rx
Janelle75 Rx
Leslie35# Rx
Adam B155 Rx
Erin A75 Rx
Antonio135 Rx
David F155# Rx
Melissa L65 Rx
Jimmy125# Rx
Jason K155 Rx
Joy F65# Rx
Tammy M75 Rx
Georgie75# Rx
Katia95# Rx 55, 65, 75, 85, 95
Melody85 Rx
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