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Tuesday Apr 11,2017

Gymversary Josh S-1
Max: Bench Press 1RMBring Sally UpOther Posted Results

Bench Press 1RM

Max: Weight
Establish a 1 rep max Bench Press
(control at the top / control at the bottom)

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Wendy B105 Rx pr
Stacy105 Rx
Jeff B205 Rx
Shawn B85 Rx
Angie105 Rx Fail at 115
Roy255 Rx
Christy90 Rx
Jenny C100 Rx 7th
Amanda Sc80 Rx 11th
Brian L205 Rx PR x 10
Justin Gro220 Rx
Russ240 Rx 9th
Toby215 Rx Failed 225. Aaaaalmost had it. Next time!
Michelle S95 Rx 8th
Mary Wahl.85 Rx 10th
Krissy125 Rx
Scott Pa195 Rx 15th
John B155 Rx PR by 20
Melody105 Rx 6th
Jason B235 Rx
Mark L175 Rx Failed at 185 then failed at 180
Sam W255 Rx PR!!
Cedric275 Rx
Jeff R285 Rx 4th
Kayla95 Rx
Melissa L80 Rx
Erin A95 Rx fail at 105
Josh R295 Rx Failed at 300 twice
Spencer Bor225 Rx
Janelle105 Rx
Andrew B200 Rx 14th
Elizabeth K75 Rx 12th
Bryan C295 Rx failed 305
Kelly T100 Rx 7th
Georgie145 Rx Failed at 155
Leslie80 Rx New PR; 55 x5, 70x3, 85 fail; 80 got on 2nd attempt
Adam B235 Rx
Antonio240 Rx 135, 185, 215, 235, 245 (FAIL), 240(GOOD)
Tammy M105 Rx
Alex P135 Rx
BranDee55 Rx
Joy F115 Rx 4th
JJ235 Rx
John T245 Rx 8th
Blake110 Rx
Jeff He225 Rx
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