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Tuesday May 23,2017

Gymversary Alexis-2
Overhead Squat 1RMSigniture: GRACE

Overhead Squat 1RM

Establish a 1RM Overhead Squat

*Athletes may jerk the bars overhead from the back rack position in the squat rack

0% 0%
1st140 Angie Tue,May 23,2017
2nd125 Blake Tue,May 23,2017
3rd95 Lori F Tue,May 23,2017
Katia Tue,May 23,2017
Joy P Tue,May 23,2017
1st225 Sam W Tue,May 23,2017
2nd185 Phil Tue,May 23,2017
3rd180 Adam B Tue,May 23,2017

Jeff B175 Rx
Shawn B70 Rx
Stacy75 Rx
Angie140 Rx
Jenny C55 Rx
John B135 Rx (pr)
Brian L155 Rx
Toby175 Rx (Do more next time)
Russ155 Rx
Jason K155 Rx
Roy165 Rx Failed 205
Jason B245 Rx
Erin A75 Rx
Justin Gro175 Rx
Dee115 Rx
Adam B180 Rx
Sam W225 Rx PR by 20!
Blake125 Rx Not maxed out
Rob L65# Rx
Jeff R95 Rx
Phil185 Rx
Leslie35 Rx 25; 30; 35; failed 45
David F135# Rx
Melissa L55 Rx
Joy P95 Rx
Antonio155 Rx
Tammy M80 Rx
Spencer Bor205 Rx
Tom S120 Rx PR by 15 lbs
Katia95 Rx Shoulder still very wobbly
Lori F95 Rx
Joy F85 Rx catch in knee so no max
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