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Wednesday Jun 14,2017

Happy Birthday Larry B & Emily Co
Gymversary David F-3
7RFT: KBS, BJ, RowBaseline

7RFT: KBS, BJ, Row

7 Rounds For Time  
20 KB Swings 53/35
     Rx2: 35/26  
     Rx2: 26/18
20 Box Jumps 20/14
     Rx2: 20/18  
     Rx2: Step-us
20/17 Calorie Row

Rest 2 min Between Rounds

0% 0%
1st29:36 Angie Wed,Jun 14,2017
2nd35:45 Sheridan Wed,Jun 14,2017
3rd37:52 Lori F Wed,Jun 14,2017
1st29:32 Roy Wed,Jun 14,2017
2nd31:06 David F Wed,Jun 14,2017
3rd32:32 Sam W Wed,Jun 14,2017

Stacy37:07 Rx
Robby G41:19 Rx3 44 lbs, step ups, knees hurt
Wendy B44:26 Rx
Roy29:32 Rx
Christy42:20 Rx
Judy H36:59 Rx3 7 Rounds
Lori F37:52 Rx
Angie29:36 Rx Could not keep up w Roy on the row!
Dylan R33:08 Rx
Toby33:10 Rx
John B36:57 Rx2
Sam W32:32 Rx
Michelle S43:15 Rx that was a doozy!!! :)
Melody47:53 Rx Legs felt so heavy
Josh R37:38 Rx ouchie
Erin A40:43 Rx oh em gee
Angelika38:31 Rx2
Justin Gro36:07 Rx
Brian L37:26 Rx Almost feel I should add 30sec considering I used the Xenex row 3x
David F31:06 Rx
Alex P38:56 Rx3 step ups
Kim B41:14  18# KB 20'step ups 17 calorie row-7rounds
Zach41:22 Rx
Kristen L31:42 Rx3
Jeff Le33:10 Rx3
Larry B36:34 Rx
Sheridan35:45 Rx
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