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Tuesday Jun 27,2017

6-E2mom: Run, DL, DUMax: Deadlift 1RM

6-E2mom: Run, DL, DU

6 Rounds of:
Every 2 minutes complete:
 200 m Run  
     Rx2: 100 m Run
 4 Deadlifts @ 75% of 1RM
 Max Single Unders
     Elite: Double Unders

Rest 1 minute after each round.  Score is total number of jump ropes.

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Stacy8 (working on DU's....obviously....) 145# DL Rx+
Amanda Sc54 Rx+ 135 lbs
Wendy B27 Rx+ 155#dl (72% of 1rm)
Robby G225 singles Rx2 225 lbs dead lifts
Shawn B363 Rx2 145 DL
Rachel H358 singles Rx 115 lb DL
Christy244 Rx+ 135#dl (70%185), DUs
Russell L246 Rx
Brian L99 Rx+ 225 DL (305# max)
Sheridan71 Rx+ 155# DL (70 of 225); doubles
Justin Gro99 Rx+ 275 DL
Fernando81 Rx2 185 DL
Dean189 Rx+
Russ88 Rx+ 305dl...22,13,12,14,12,15
Roy135 Rx+ 355
John B207 Rx+ 205 DL; 58,40,35,20,35,19
Toby266 Rx+
Sharon P251 Rx3
Ben M320 Rx2 S/u
Kim D215 Rx3 45#
Chad C490 Rx2
Susan40 Rx2 100m run, 125DL(>70%) only DU counted
Dee311 Rx2 Single Unders
Chloe325 Rx2 100m
Erin A397 Rx2 Elite DL, Rx run
Antonio111 Rx+ DL@285
Bryan C387 Rx+ 305# DL
Zach55 Rx+ 255# DL; working on DU (15,10,8,7,6,9)
Lindsey Gro475 Rx2
Leslie368 Rx3 #85DL
Mollie305 Rx+
Adam B349 Rx+ 245 DL...105-65-44-50-31-54
Ricardo440 Rx2 5 rounds 200 m, 115lbs
annes442 Rx2 2 rounds 200 m, 85lbs
Tom S354 Rx2 185# DL / singles
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