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Thursday Jul 13,2017

Happy Birthday Amanda Sc & Matt Sp
Hero: RichMax: Clean 1RM

Hero: Rich

40:00 Time Cap

13 Squat Snatches 155/95
  10 rounds of:
    10 Pull-ups
    100 m Run
13 Squat Cleans 155/95

13 Power Snatches 115/75
  10 Rounds of:  
    10 Banded Pull-ups
    100 m Run
13 Power Cleans 115/75

13 Power Snatches 65/45
  7 Rounds of:  
    10 Ring Rows
    100 m Run
13 Power Cleans 65/45

0% 0%
1st21:06 2Angie Thu,Jul 13,2017
2nd22:33 2Janelle Thu,Jul 13,2017
3rd23:23 2Sheridan Thu,Jul 13,2017
1st26:20 Sam W Thu,Jul 13,2017
2nd18:03 2Larry B Thu,Jul 13,2017
3rd19:21 2Toby Thu,Jul 13,2017

Stacy24:37 Rx3 55# (do more next time); 10 rounds black band only on pull ups
Wendy B24:24 Rx3 65# power snatch/clean; 10 rnds: ring rows & run
Ana S26:23 Rx2 Blue and red band
Angie21:06 Rx2 Alpha movements, Bravo weight (75)
Christy20:17 Rx3 10 rounds, 65#snatch/cleans, ring rows
Spencer Bor27:17 Rx
Justin Gro26:14 Rx2 135 power snatch, power clean, RX pullups
Sheridan23:23 Rx2 75# squat snatches; Alpha movements; 95# squat cleans
Toby19:21 Rx2 135 squat snatch and squat clean
Judy H18:30 Rx3 35#
Walt18:11 Rx3 35# to concentrate on form rather than strength
Lauren Hol17:22 Rx3 75# snatch and clean + ring rows
Sharon19:01  only 35lbs
Melissa L24:15 Rx3 did 35# due to shoulder; banded PU
Krissy24:09 Rx3 75# snatch 65# cleans tore up!!!
Dean21:46 Rx2
Josh R17:33 Rx2
Janelle22:33 Rx2
Zach24:20 Rx2
Jimmy27:30 Rx2 100 pull ups 115#
Jeff B27:40 Rx2 all RX but 135 snatch
Spencer Boy26:45 Rx3 #45 Power Cleans and Snatches
Sam W26:20 Rx
Bethany22:22 Rx3 Charlie weight/ Bravo movements
Larry B18:03 Rx2
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