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Monday Jul 17,2017

Gymversary Alex P-2
Back Squats @ 40x1Ladder8: TTB, THMax: Snatch 1RM

Back Squats @ 40x1

5 Rounds
5 Back Squats  
Tempo 40x1
(4 sec Down, 0 hold at the bottom,0 up 1 sec at the top)
*have a partner count your 4 count

0% 0%
1st165 Angie Mon,Jul 17,2017
2nd135 Wendy B Mon,Jul 17,2017
3rd125 Janelle Mon,Jul 17,2017
1st265 Bryan C Mon,Jul 17,2017
2nd245 Jeff B Mon,Jul 17,2017
Antonio Mon,Jul 17,2017
3rd230 Adam B Mon,Jul 17,2017
Paul G Mon,Jul 17,2017

Wendy B135 Rx 145x2
Stacy135 Rx
Angie165 Rx
Jeff La165 Rx
Roy225 Rx 225@80x1
Spencer Bor225 Rx
Dylan R215 Rx
Brice225 Rx
Toby215 Rx (do more next time)
Fernando165 Rx
Larry B205 Rx 195 for 6 sec down last set
Russ225 Rx
Justin Gro205 Rx
Janelle125 Rx
Melissa L115 Rx
Brian L205 Rx
John B185 Rx more in the tank.
Emily Co115 Rx
Zach225 Rx
Antonio245 Rx 135, 165, 185, 215, 245
Jeff B245 Rx 135, 185, 205, 225, 245
Bryan C265 Rx 185/225/245/265/225
David F225# Rx 135,165,185,225,225
Adam B230 Rx
Paul G230 Rx
Leslie65 Rx 55. 60. 65. 60. 55
Katia105 Rx 85,95,105,100,95
Josh R275 Rx Like butta
Sam W185 Rx
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