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Monday Sep 4,2017

Jeff R
Team, next Monday is Labor Day. We will not be having a CF class. Everyone is invited to participate in a team workout at CrossFit Cherokee. The first WOD will be the  tribute WOD 'Back up'.

First heat will start at 9 am. Get there early. First come first serve. We will have 10 lanes with a new heat every 20 minutes.  Come with a partner if you have one.  If you do not have a partner don't worry. There will  plenty of people there ready to work.  

For those that wish to stay  for second round, we will have  this Octobers Festivus games deadlift ladder.

Hero: 'Back-up' Trooper Fields2017 Fall FG: Walking Dead

'Back-up' Trooper Fields

Hero: Time-Rx3
2 Person Team

1,500 m Row
75 Thrusters  
1,500 m Row

Rx2: 65/45        
Masters 50+: 55/35  

Partner 1 performs 1,000 m Row. Once 1,000 m Row is complete Partner 1 begins to work on 75 reps of Thrusters  

When Partner 1 gets off the rower, Partner 2 will perform 500 m Row. Once 500 m Row is complete, Partner 2 will begin to assist Partner 1 in completing 75 reps of Thrusters

Once Thrustes are complete, Team relays 1,500 m Row. Rotate however

*Partner 1 preforms 10 Burpees every time the bar is set down during the time Partner 2 is rowing. Once Partner 2 has completed rowing no more burpees are required by team

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Stacy17:45 Rx2 55#
Mark L17:29 Rx2
Russ15:09 Rx W/ my boy Big D
Jason K17:39 Rx With J Gross
Larry B17:21 Rx w/my boy z... he really is my boy!
Dylan R15:09 Rx With Rowdy Rusty Riggins
Spencer B14:20 Rx w/ J. Rex
Robby G17:29 Rx2 With Mark L
Josh R14:20 Rx
Janelle16:16 Rx W/Sheridan (Labor Day)
Tony16:09 Rx2 75# w/Jimmy
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