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Tuesday Sep 26,2017

Happy Birthday Tony
FT: Run, BE, HEMax: Deadlift 1RM

FT: Run, BE, HE

For Time
600 m Run
60 Back Extensions
600 m Run
50 Hip Extensions

0% 0%
1st8:57 Emily Cr Tue,Sep 26,2017
2nd9:00 Michelle S Tue,Sep 26,2017
3rd9:21 Amanda Sc Tue,Sep 26,2017
1st6:54 Toby Tue,Sep 26,2017
2nd7:05 Justin Gro Tue,Sep 26,2017
3rd7:44 Jimmy Tue,Sep 26,2017

Amanda Sc9:21 Rx
Robby G11:10 Rx Run needs improvement, but doing it!
Stacy9:50 Rx
Dee8:55 Rx
Wendy B11:50 Rx
Angie9:25 Rx 45# back ext, 25# hip ext
Brittany D9:43 Rx
Toby6:54 Rx
Russ10:23 Rx
Sheridan9:39 Rx 35# back ext; 25# hip ext
Erin A9:53 Rx
Michelle S9:00 Rx
Emily Co10:50 Rx
Ron9:55 Rx
Melissa L9:06  Had to Row because of shins
Larry B8:24 Rx
Bob8:12 Rx
David F9:12 Rx 45# bar and plate
Jeff R10:08 Rx 35# bar, 25 plate
Antonio11:06 Rx 45# good morning / 90# hip ext.
Jeff B9:13 Rx 45 # bar/ plate
Spencer Boy9:27 Rx
Justin Gro7:05 Rx
Leslie12:03 Rx
Emily Cr8:57 Rx
Tom S14:21 Rx
Katia9:34 Rx
Jimmy7:44 Rx
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