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Monday Oct 16,2017

Gymversary Lori F-4
Max: Front Squat 1RMC+J Emom Pull-ups

Front Squat 1RM

Max: Weight
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Robby G245 Rx
Stacy125 Rx failed at 135#
Wendy B155 Rx fail at 165#
Christy145 Rx PR by 5
Roy285 Rx
Judy H90 Rx 18th
Russ285 Rx 4th pr
Jason K275 Rx
Melody145 Rx 9th
Dylan R205 Rx Feeling weak
Katia155 Rx
Justin Gro225 Rx
Angie195 Rx 3rd Failed 205
Sheridan145 Rx
Emily Co155 Rx
Melissa L135 Rx 10th back squat
Lisa J195 Rx failed at 225
Kelly T115 Rx
Alex P155 Rx
Bryan305 Rx 2nd
Erin A155 Rx
Alexis110 Rx PR- tried 115 twice
Sam W245 Rx Needed belt but stood up easily
Larry B265 Rx
Russell P265 Rx
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Sheridan 10:04am
Geez Angie, that fast with doing squat cleans!! Awesome job!!