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Wednesday Nov 8,2017

Happy Birthday Michael S
Welcome Matt Sp & Tabitha & Angela B
21-15-9: BP, HC *RowBaselineOther Posted Results

21-15-9: BP, HC *Row

For Time
21 - 15 - 9
Bench Press
Hang Power Cleans
*50 Calorie Row after each Round  

Rx2: 115/75
Rx3: 55/35, 35 Calorie Row

100% 0%
1st17:37 Lisa J Wed,Nov 8,2017
2nd23:24 Katia Wed,Nov 8,2017
3rd26:44 Sheridan Wed,Nov 8,2017
1st15:04 Roy Wed,Nov 8,2017
2nd19:14 Sam W Wed,Nov 8,2017
3rd22:22 Adam B Wed,Nov 8,2017

Robby G16:11 Rx2 Still cant breath, but breathing is over rated???
Christy25:11 Rx2 75#bp&hc, 50cal Row
Judy H25:54 Rx3
Brian L20:04 Rx2 took it easy
Dylan R31:25 Rx
Jason K23:14 Rx
Russ24:30 Rx
Toby31:30 Rx Nice n easy today. Just tryna get strong like Kisz & Russ
Sheridan26:44 Rx
Adam B22:22 Rx
Erin A22:08 Rx2 lost a couple minutes waiting on rower (didn't deduct)
Melissa L22:28 Rx3 Rx2 HC: 55BP
Sam W19:14 Rx
Lisa J17:37 Rx
Jeff B25:43 Rx
David F23:57 Rx got better as I got warmer
Spencer Boy24:38  #45 BP; #35 HC; 50 Calorie Row
Justin Gro27:25 Rx some wait time for rowers
Lindsey Gro17:20  25 cal row and 35#BP 45#HC
Leslie24:30  35#; 35 c-row then 25c-row x2
Katia23:24 Rx 2:11 min deducted from clock waiting on equipment.
Taylor Cof17:45 Rx2
Roy15:04 Rx Sorry Sam! Thanks for the shoes though.
Jimmy36:42 Rx2 155 BP, 50%Rx & 50% Rx2 hang cleans
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