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Tuesday Nov 28,2017

Gymversary Kim B-1
Max: Snatch 1RMTeam Cindy

Snatch 1RM

Max: Weight
Establish 1 Rep Max Snatch
(Power or Squat)

*a Press-out is a No Rep

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TodayAll Time

Wendy B75 Rx 9th
Robby G145 Rx
Roy185 Rx 3rd Muscle
Angie95 Rx Working form/bar path
Brian L125 Rx 11th 5# PR
Justin Gro145 Rx
Jason K145 Rx 8th
Toby155 Rx
Russ135 Rx
Walt45 Rx Failed on two attempts at 50# because of slight press outs
Brittany D40 Rx 16th
Sheridan95 Rx Squat snatch
Melissa L60 Rx 12th
Erin A90 Rx PR by 5
Emily Co100 Rx
Sam W155 Rx Fails at 185 and 205
Amanda Sc60 Rx 12th
Jeff B165 Rx Got 175 up but couldnt stand it up
David F140# Rx 9th
Larry B140 Rx 9th
Adam B150 Rx 7th
Katia95 Rx 5th Only power snatch. Can’t do squat at this weight.
Stacy60 Rx
Spencer Bor175 Rx
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