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Wednesday Dec 6,2017

Strength: Split Jerks 5 x 2Ladder7: KBS, TTBOther Posted Results

Split Jerks 5 x 2

Strength: Weight

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Stacy80 Rx
Emily Co125 Rx
David F165# Rx
Dee165 Rx
Robby G155 Rx Arms dead from Sunday!!!
Sam W205 Rx 1 at 225, rough time today.
John B185 Rx (20# PR)
Amanda Sa80 Rx
Jason K175 Rx
Sheridan135 Rx
Melody105 Rx
Roy225 Rx Easy Jerk Session with Sam
Melissa L105 Rx
Josh R255 Rx PR looked and felt really good
Janelle125 Rx
Jeff B205 Rx
Lisa J155 Rx 175, once and 3/4
Alexis85 Rx PR
Larry B175 Rx
Adam B205 Rx Hamstrings tight
Alex P145 Rx
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Jeff R 10:23pm