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Wednesday Jan 24,2018

Happy Birthday Kathryn S & Amy B
3RFT: DU, Row, SNBaseline

3RFT: DU, Row, SN

3 Rounds
60 Double Unders
     Rx2: 30 DU or 60 Singles
     Rx3: 30 Calf Raises
30/21 Calorie Row
     Rx3: 21/15 Calorie  
10 Snatches 135/95
     Rx2: 95/65
     Rx3: 55/35

0% 0%
1st10:48 2Erin A Wed,Jan 24,2018
2nd10:53 2Janelle Wed,Jan 24,2018
3rd12:36 2Stacie Wed,Jan 24,2018
1st12:52 Bryan C Wed,Jan 24,2018
2nd13:55 Sam W Wed,Jan 24,2018
3rd16:22 Robert S Wed,Jan 24,2018

Stacy11:45 Rx3 45 lb snatch (calf raises)
Emily Co18:36 Rx2 DU! 7DU no stop PR!!; 21CR; 75#SN
Robert S16:22 Rx
Sam W13:55 Rx I’m inclined to think tying my shoes beforehand would s helped.
Walt14:40 Rx3 15 # Snatch; shoulder pain
Danielle Born14:25 Rx3 first 2 rounds 25# last round 35#
Russ21:42 Rx
Mark L20:05 Rx3 rx2 JR, rx Row, 75# SN
Justin Gro21:17 Rx2
Ken H23:45 #75 Snatch. Rx2
Taylor Cof14:58 Rx2 60 DU, 21 cal row, 65# snatch
Josh R16:00 Rx literally died twice on the rower in the last round
Erin A10:48 Rx2 singles, rx row
Bryan C12:52 Rx
Janelle10:53 Rx2 Rx row, singles, 65# snatch
Stacie12:36 Rx2
Melissa L13:37 Rx3 snatched 45#; lost a little time waiting on rower
Hanna L12:58  singles; 15 row; 25#
Katia22:?? Rx2 After hundreds of singles, I was able to get 30 DUs in each round. Maddening... 75# Snatch & 21 CAL
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