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Saturday Feb 3,2018

10 - 1: PP, SQ, DUBaseline

10 - 1: PP, SQ, DU

Push Press 115/75
          Rx2: 75/55
          Rx3: 55/35
          Elite: 135/85

*after each round perform:
    25 Squats
    25 Double Unders
         Rx2: 75 Singles

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TodayAll Time

Stacy16:35 Rx2 65#
Mark L20:46 Rx2 26:54 last year
Antonio22:44 Rx+
Adam B14:57 Rx+
Angelika16:05 Rx2
Emily Co19:15 Rx2 rx PP75#; 10 DU/round
Dawn M21:12 Rx3
Alex P20:31 Rx2 DU's first 2 rnds, singles
Katia16:15 Rx2 75lb and SU - 5 min faster!
Brian L21:37 Rx2 115# PP - Singles (Damit)
Melissa L18:21 Rx2
Janelle20:14 Rx2 75#, singles
Justin Gro21:08 Rx
Taylor Cof23:38 Rx
John B22:50 Rx2 95lbs + DUs
Amy L26:31 Rx2 All DU's 55 #'s
Elizabeth K22:53 Rx2 55# singles
Russell L26:00 Rx2 95#
David F28:32 Rx2 135# 10 DU's + 50 singles each round.
Brittany D23:37 Rx3
Chad C20:04 Rx2
Sheridan17:27 Rx+
Lisa J16:16 Rx+ First garage workout!
Kelly T27:11 Rx2 Had to do 10 DU last 2 rounds. Back locked up
Russ23:13 Rx Did at Globo-gym on Sunday...Got to watch myself in the reflection rests a lot;)
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