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Tuesday Feb 20,2018

Welcome Adrienne


Hero: Time-Rx3
For Time
50 Pull-ups              
          Rx2: Strict Banded
          Rx3: Ring Rows
400 m Run
21 Thruster 95/65  
          Rx2: 65/45
          Rx3: 55/45
800 m Run
21 Thruster 95/65  
          Rx2: 65/45    
          Rx3: 55/45
400 m Run
50 Pull-ups            
          Rx2: Banded        
          Rx2: Ring Rows

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Amanda Sc21:59 Rx3 ring rows; 55 lb thruster
Robby G30:35 Rx ooooffffffff
Robert S28:26 Rx
Angie18:51 Rx
Stacie21:59 Rx
Sheridan19:20 Rx
Brian L23:57 Rx PR x 4:50
Taylor Cof23:24 Rx
Lisa J28:40 Rx Happy Birthday BOSS man!!
Jason K29:58 Rx
Brittany D26:18 Rx2
Judy H26:45 Rx3 run 200,600,800 50 rings, 21 thrusters
Josh S26:49 Rx 8 minute PR!
Walt27:18  35 PUS, Black/red band; PPs, 35#; 3x-200 m fireman's carry 18# each hand
Erin A27:58 Rx2 Rx thrusters, thick green band PU; PR by 2:42 with 20# heavier thruster
Justin Gro22:06  sub 50 sit ups per round for Thrusters (wrist)...Rest RX
Melody28:24 Rx2 65# Happy Birthday Josh?😒
Melissa L??  40 total pullups; RX2 #; rowed last round
Adrienne20:40 Rx3 Rep 35/200/21/400/21/200/35
Emily Co30:38 Rx2 rx everything but blue banded PU
Josh R21:56 Rx
Haylie21:27  Ring rows 15# thruster rx run
Bryan C17:54 Rx
David F21:07 Rx HBD Josh
Jeff B18:26 Rx
Toby17:07 Rx
Dylan R17:02 Rx
Spencer Boy22:47 Rx3 #35 - 42 Thrusters; 1 Mile Run; 100 Rings
Kim B28:42 Rx3 black and blue band 35 Pull-ups
Alexis28:58 Rx2 Mstrs Pull-Ups without band, 70 reps
Dawn M32:02 Rx2 Pull ups with green band
Michael S29:16  35 Ringrows, 400m, 21@55#, 400m, 15@55#, 200m, 35 Ringrows
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