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Wednesday Mar 21,2018

5-Emom4: FS, Row. DUMax: Front Squat 1RMBaseline

5-Emom4: FS, Row. DU

5 Rounds  
4:00 to complete
5 Front Squats @ 70% Heavy Single
15 Calorie Row
25 Double Unders
      Rx2: 10 DU or 50 Singles
      Rx3: 25 Sit-ups
      Elite: Unbroken DU

Score = Time of 3rd Round

0% 0%
1st1:41 +Stacie Wed,Mar 21,2018
2nd1:51 Lisa J Wed,Mar 21,2018
3rd2:07 Sheridan Wed,Mar 21,2018
1st1:16 +Adam B Wed,Mar 21,2018
2nd1:19 +Toby Wed,Mar 21,2018
3rd1:22 +Bryan C Wed,Mar 21,2018

Roy1:20 Rx 135
Spencer Bor1:52 Rx+ 200 lbs
Robby G1:29 Rx2 195 lbs, a few du
Robert S1:39 Rx+
Larry B1:46 Rx+ 185
Jason K2:37 Rx
Brian L1:47 Rx2 singles (165#)
Melody2:18  85#bs 200 run 50 su back
Sheridan2:07 Rx
Danielle Born2:14 Rx2
Walt2:33 Rx3 65#
Toby1:19 Rx+ 195# for FS
Justin Gro2:43 Rx 165 FS
Brittany D2:11 Rx2 85# FS
Erin A1:49 Rx2 115 FS, singles
Josh R1:46 Rx 225 for workout
Melissa L1:51 Rx2 65# lower back pain
Josh S1:24 Rx+ 155#
Lisa J1:51 Rx 24 DU.....150#
Janelle1:43 Rx2 115 FS, singles
Bryan C1:22 Rx+ 215
Amanda Sc1:49 Rx2 10 DU; 70lb FS
Alex P1:48 Rx2 singles. 135# FS
Adam B1:16 Rx+ w/185#
Abbey2:12 Rx2
Russell P1:44 Rx+ w/ 185#
Stacie1:41 Rx+ 140#
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Brian L 7:59am
Heck of a job Toby and Kisz!!