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Wednesday Aug 8,2018

Happy Birthday Alexis & Erin A
Welcome Tiffany M & chasmine & Sarah S
Jeff R
Cherokee County Deputy Dana Shaw was killed in a single car crash. End of Watch Sunday, August 8, 1999

Deputy Shaw had been with the agency for two years and is survived by her son and daughter.

Tribute WOD: Tiny 211BaselineOther Posted Results

Tribute WOD: Tiny 211

Tribute to Cherokee County Deputy Dana Shaw  

2 Person Team
  For Time
  200 Wall Balls 20/14
         Rx2: 150 Wall Balls 14/10
  200 m Double Barbell Farmers Carry 115/75
         Rx2: 65/45
            (perform 20 Tandem Deadlifts each 50 m)
  200 Medball Sit-ups 20/14
         Rx2: 150

0% 0%
1st23:50 Traci Wed,Aug 8,2018
2nd27:25 Amanda Sc Wed,Aug 8,2018
Melody Wed,Aug 8,2018
3rd27:50 Emily Co Wed,Aug 8,2018
1st21:12 Larry B Wed,Aug 8,2018
Adam B Wed,Aug 8,2018
2nd22:00 Andrew S Wed,Aug 8,2018
Robby G Wed,Aug 8,2018
Roy Wed,Aug 8,2018
3rd25:20 Russell L Wed,Aug 8,2018

Andrew S22:00 Rx 3 man w/ Roy & Robby, 2 working tandem; +53lb kbs
Robby G22:00 Rx 3man w/ Roy & Anedrew, 2 working tandem; +53lb kbs
Roy22:00 Rx 3man w/ Andrew & Robby, 2 working tandem; +53lb kbs
Amanda Sc27:25 Rx w/ Melody
Jeff B27:50 Rx w/ Emily, who was a 100 B.A. from start to finish, and should really stop saying sorry. LOL!
Melody27:25 Rx W Amanda
Emily Co27:50 Rx w/ Jeff B (sorry Jeff! lol) 75# on one end and 115# on other end
Alma29:03 Rx RX with Brittany
Robert S27:11 Rx with Russ and Zach
Russ27:11 Rx With the big boys Zach and Bobby
Brittany D29:03 Rx With Alma
Justin Gro26:59 Rx With Big Dylan - I did a lot of apologizing today too, Emily!
Dylan R26:59 Rx If anyone's earned the right to not apologize, it's Justin Gross!
Danielle Born18:50 Rx2 10# MD, Used 35# ( 70# total) kettlebells got carry and deadlift. 100 WB and 100 MBS. No partner
Traci23:50 Rx with Rob Lord
Russell L25:20 Rx did this solo with #70 KB
Adam B21:12 Rx w/ BIG LARRY
Jimmy29:20 Rx with Ayelet (the gazelle)
Ayelet29:20 Rx with Jimmy (he kept me back)
Larry B21:12 Rx with Adam 'no rest' B
Rachel Pr27:51 Rx2 With Angela. 10# WB, 14# Sit ups
Kamill23:15  Using Mac weight at Hotel Gym - 200 wb 15lbs, 200 m double DB 50lbs, 200 SU 15lbs med b
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