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Monday Aug 13,2018

Happy Birthday Bill H

'JT' on the Run

For Time
21-15-9 reps of:

Hand Stand Push-ups        
Ring dips    
Flash Push-ups

HSPU's (1 Plate + 1 Abmat)
Ring Dips (Strict Banded )
Flash Push ups

HSPU (Box)
Box Dips
FPU (Knees)

*800 m Run after each Round

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TodayAll Time

Wendy B40:58 Rx2 as written
Angie24:36 Rx Shoulders = 🔥.
Adam B37:44 Rx Dips killed me...All w/ 20# vest
Justin Gro36:31  No run (calf strain), sub 3 x 1000m row
Danielle Born24:17 Rx2 Rx2 and did parallel box dips ( could not do banded ring dips. Used 45# plate and mat for HSPU
Judy H30:18 Rx3 parallel dips; 400m 400m 800m run
Michelle S24:58 Rx2
Jeff B40:37 Rx Vested for all except dips
Rob L29:55 Rx No vest Adam!
Toby21:46  subbed butterfly PUs for RDs, T2B for Push-ups (shoulder)
Dylan R22:22 Rx strict HSPU
Russ37:00 Rx2 Bravo w/ 2 plates
Emily Co36:09 Rx2 HSPU; banded RD; accidentally did 25 1st rd of HSPU and RD
Brian L34:48 Rx Ditto what Angie said!
Erin A29:24  Pike HSPU, Parallel box dips, Flash PU, 800m
Leslie23:35 Rx3 500m row; Pike HSPU; Par. Box; FPU
Bryan C23:59 Rx
Spencer Boy27:02 Rx3 L Sit; Tricep Dips; FPU, 800M Run
Rachel Pr24:38 Rx2 15# plate + mat; banded ring dips; FPUs
Hannah15:12 Rx3 Pike push up
Jennie18:45 Rx3 10 lb DB press/parallel boxes/400m row
Latrice26:00 Rx3 flash pushups, pike, 800m runs
Larry B25:35 Rx3 l sits, RX dips and push ups
Sarah S26:13 Rx3
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