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Monday Jul 31,2017

Happy Birthday Adam D & Amanda C
Lisa J
GGQ 15.1: Row, WB, S2O, BJOther Posted Results

GGQ 15.1: Row, WB, S2O, BJ

17:00 Amrap
50 Calorie Row
50 Wall Balls 20/14
     Rx2: 14/10
50 Shoulder to Overhead 115/75
     Rx2: 75/55
50 Box Jumps 24/20
     Rx2: 20' Step-ups

0% 0%
1st252 Lisa J Mon,Jul 31,2017
2nd233 Angie Mon,Jul 31,2017
3rd225 Sheridan Mon,Jul 31,2017
1st241 David F Mon,Jul 31,2017
2nd240 Sam W Mon,Jul 31,2017
3rd226 Jeff B Mon,Jul 31,2017
Toby Mon,Jul 31,2017

Wendy B218 Rx2 as written
Stacy212 Rx2 14# wall ball, box jumps; 55# overhead
Martha50 calorie row, 10 lb wall ball, 55 lbs shoulder to over hea Rx2 completed 1 round
Ana SRx2 50 calorie jump, 10lb wall ball, 35lb should to over head, 15 box jumps
Angie233 Rx
Antonio201 Rx
Sharon199  35lbs
Dylan206 Rx
Zach200 Rx2 95# S2O
Toby226 Rx
Lauren Hol201 Rx
Justin Gro171 Rx S2O Beatdown
John B175 Rx 25 into box jumps
Larry B200 Rx
Brian L187 Rx2 95# S2O (1st day back from Vaca)
Katia186 Rx Finished the 200 reps at 18:01. Legs were weak after the rower.
Sam W240 Rx
Sheridan225 Rx
Mark L177 Rx2 20# wb/ 75# press/20'box jumps
Christy193 Rx2 rx all except shoulder to OH 55#,short 7 reps BJ to complete 1 round
Russ191 Rx
David F241 Rx
Robby G185 Rx2 95 lbs, 24' box
Emily Co176 Rx
Lisa J252 Rx
Kayla130 Rx2 First day back
Alex P186 Rx
Tony222 Rx2
Janelle166 Rx
Elizabeth K148 Rx2 65#
Jimmy150 Rx
Jeff B226 Rx
Paul G200 Rx
Joy F150 Rx2
Michelle S155 Rx finished total workout at 20:14 - it was slow and steady
Results Posted: 35
Sam W 6:56pm
David F 7:12pm
Did Not even know until I posted..great WOD for sure.