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Tuesday Aug 1,2017

Happy Birthday Lauren Hol & Ken H
Gymversary Erin A-1
E2mom10: 100 SprintComplex: DL, HC, FS

E2mom10: 100 Sprint

10:00 E3mom (5 Rounds)
100 m Sprint
   Rx2: 150 m Row

*5 Burpee for each round 5 sec off form previous Rouund

Score = Fastest Run

0% 0%
1st15 Lisa J Tue,Aug 1,2017
2nd16 Janelle Tue,Aug 1,2017
3rd17 Lindsey Gro Tue,Aug 1,2017
1st12 Tony Tue,Aug 1,2017
Spencer B Tue,Aug 1,2017
2nd14 Zach Tue,Aug 1,2017
Jeff B Tue,Aug 1,2017
3rd15 Toby Tue,Aug 1,2017
Bob Tue,Aug 1,2017

Amanda Sc20 Rx 24, 21, 21 20,20
Shawn B24 Rx 27;26;26;24;24
Roy16 Rx from bricks thru the door
Dee16 Rx
Fernando19 Rx
Zach14 Rx 19-14-16-17-15; inside the room time
Toby15 Rx 18-15-15-15-15 (in the room time)
Jason K16 Rx 18-16-17-17-18
Justin Gro17 Rx 17, 17, 17, 18, 19
Brian L16 Rx 16-17-18-17-24 (hamstring tightness - burpee penalty)
Angie18 Rx 19 18 19 19 19 *inside the room time. 50 down & back
Sam W18 Rx 18,18,18,18,19
Michelle S20 Rx 23,23,20,21,20
Lauren Hol19 Rx 22 21 19 19 19 (glass door to inside the room, 50 down and back)
Emily Co20 Rx
Janelle16 Rx 19,17,16,17,16
Melissa L18 Rx 20,18,18,20,19
Lisa J15 Rx 16,15,16,16,16
Spencer B12 Rx 16-12-15-16-16 (timed outside w/ coach)
Alex P18 Rx
David F17 Rx
Bob15 Rx
Jeff B14 Rx 15, 14, 15, 18, 16
Josh R14 Rx
Adam B17 Rx 50 yd down 50 yd back 17-17-18-17-17
Julie St34 Rx2 150M row
Lindsey Gro17 Rx
Leslie21 Rx 21, 21, 21, 22, 22 (inside room time)
Blake18 Rx 18-18-19-20-20 (down and back. Inside room time)
Katia19 Rx 21,20,20,20,19
Results Posted: 31
Roy 12:30pm
I am so much faster than Sam Webb!!!

Brian L 12:53pm
Both of you were impressive!  VERY impressive!!

Jeff He 1:00pm
now thats the good ole roy/sam smack talking that ive missed. keep it up fellas!

Jeff B 3:29pm
In Sam's defense, I think maybe the beard might create some wind resistance.

Brian L 5:01pm
Apparently afternoon classes started at asphalt so I say we re-do (in a few weeks that is)! 😜
Blake 7:20pm
Just 4:30-5:30. 6:30-7:30 went down and back

Roy 6:12pm
I'll take Sam and the afternoon classes on and finish like Neon Deon!
Roy 7:24pm
I'm probably the fastest person in North Georgia

Toby 9:54pm

Sam W 7:05pm
I'm just now seeing this trash talking. I'd be curious to do this one head to head Roy! Or Monday's wod, for that matter.

Lauren Hol 7:15pm
Big PRs Adam and Toby! 💪🏼

Toby 7:24pm
Thanks Lauren! (And nice work Adam!)Squat cleans finally started to click this morning :)  

Sam and Roy need to have a 1k row-off!

Roy 7:26pm
Rx tomorrow 265 rx2 135 smh