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Thursday Aug 3,2017

Happy Birthday Joy F & Leslie
4RFT: FRL, JAL, FS, JASOther Posted Results


4 Rounds
10 Front Rack Lunges
10 Jumping Lunges
10 Air Lunges
10 Front Squats
10 Jumping Squats
10 Air Squats  

    Rx2: 75/55
    Rx3: 55/35
    Elite: 135/95

Rx3: 5 Burpees for jumping movements

0% 0%
1st14:03 +Blake Thu,Aug 3,2017
2nd14:47 +Sheridan Thu,Aug 3,2017
3rd15:19 +Angie Thu,Aug 3,2017
1st18:52 +Toby Thu,Aug 3,2017
2nd19:00 +Dylan Thu,Aug 3,2017
3rd20:48 +Justin Gro Thu,Aug 3,2017

Stacy16:07 Rx
Ana S22:14 Rx3
Christy18:53 Rx 75#
Roy20:00  Lunges need work
Angie15:19 Rx+
Robby G21:00 Rx2 ooofff!!!
Jason K0:00 Rx3 I was there but it was rough
Justin Gro20:48 Rx+
Michelle S15:48 Rx2
Toby18:52 Rx+ Just happy to be here today (ouch.) 😜
Dylan19:00 Rx+
Emily Co21:35 Rx
Greg P35:00  3 Rounds of WOD ... needed a 4th to finish.
Sheridan14:47 Rx+
Lauren Hol13:14 Rx
Alexis17:26 Rx2
Joy F25:32 Rx3 15# lunges, 35# squats, burpees
Katia16:38 Rx quads were already sore andf fatigued before the workout...
Lisa J17:33 Rx+
Blake14:03 Rx+
Larry B22:55 Rx+
Results Posted: 21