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Tuesday Aug 8,2017

Happy Birthday Alexis & Erin A

Row, kbs, burp, hspu, mu

50 Calorie Row
40 Kettlebell Swings 70/53
      Rx2: 53/35
      Rx3: 35/26
30 Burpees
20 Handstand Push-ups
      Rx2: Plate + Mat
      Rx3: Flash Push-ups
10 Bar Muscle-ups
      Rx2: Jumping MU
      Rx3: Jmping Chest 2 Bar
20 Handstand Push-ups
30 Burpees
40 Kettlebell Swings 70/53
50 Callorie Row

0% 0%
1st32:39 Angie Tue,Aug 8,2017
2nd29:04 2Emily Co Tue,Aug 8,2017
3rd30:29 2Katia Tue,Aug 8,2017
1st23:49 Toby Tue,Aug 8,2017
2nd26:49 Bryan Tue,Aug 8,2017
3rd28:05 Adam B Tue,Aug 8,2017

John Ne24:55 Rx
Amanda Sc28:34 Rx3 negative pull ups for muscle-ups
Stacy31:56 Rx3 all rx2 except negative muscle ups (45#plate)
Wendy B35:19 Rx3 all rx2 except negatives in place of mu's
Angie32:39 Rx
Mark L33:55 Rx3 53# kb neg pull ups
Christy29:18 Rx3 35#kbs, flash pu, negative pu instead of muscles ups
Toby23:49 Rx SHSPU
Adam B28:05 Rx SHSPU
Zach29:47 Rx3 RX2 KB; PU (couldn't be upside down); box MU (low box for 5, medium for 5)
Dean32:20 Rx3 RX2 KB;box HSPU; box MU
Ken H30:11 Rx2 35# kb
Russ33:41 Rx2 As written...last two hspu took forever
Justin Gro41:20 Rx Most of my morning spent doing HSPU's
Judy H32:49 Rx3 18# KB
Robby G33:33 Rx2 last burpees and row took forever!
Walt43:18 Rx3 At least, I finished the workout.
Sheridan31:37 Rx2 53# KB, HSPU, jumping MU
Sam W29:43 Rx2 3/10 MU, HSPU to Ab mat
Emily Co29:04 Rx2 chest2bar; 35KB; 45#plate
Josh R36:58 Rx
Brian L40:11 Rx2 53# KBS, rest RX
Spencer B43:00 Rx
Janelle29:27 Rx3 35# KB, jumping MUs, inverted PUs on box
Bob30:04 Rx3 Jumping MUs, flash PUs
Bryan26:49 Rx
Leslie38:19  18#KB; HSPU w/plate; Jump ups
Katia30:29 Rx2 Bar eye level on JMU
Spencer P34:10 Rx3 RX2 on muscle ups
Tom S43:53 Rx3 35# KB, flash PU, jumping MU
Jeff B33:04 Rx2 jmu rx the rest
Jimmy34:42 Rx2
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John Ne 8:19am
Dang Toby and Adam! Strict HSPU Holy Cow!!!
Toby 8:33am
You put up a heck of a time to try to catch Coach John! Not gonna lie, that last row HURT!