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Tuesday Oct 3,2017

Happy Birthday Chaz
Gymversary Amanda Sc-3 & Judy H-3

Hero: Yeti

For Time
25 Pull-ups
    Rx2: Bands
10 Muscle-ups (Rings or Bar)
    Rx2: Jump to support  
1.5 mile Run
    Rx2: 1 mile Run
10 Muscle-ups
    Rx2: Jump to support  
25 Pull-ups
    Rx2: Bands

Rx2: 35 Ring Rows twice

0% 0%
1st31:07 Angie Tue,Oct 3,2017
2nd19:16 2Brittany D Tue,Oct 3,2017
3rd19:48 2Melissa L Tue,Oct 3,2017
1st17:55 Toby Tue,Oct 3,2017
2nd21:01 Adam B Tue,Oct 3,2017
3rd24:34 Sam W Tue,Oct 3,2017

Amanda Sc22:12 Rx2 pull ups red/blue band; jump to support on rings
Wendy B30:19  15 ring chin-ups + 1 mile run + 15 ring chin-ups
Justin Gro29:58 Rx BMU
Robby G27:28 Rx2 RX pullups, box muscle ups, i m,iole, should'a done the other half.
Angie31:07 Rx BMU
Christy17:53 Rx2 Ring rows, j2sr,1 mile
Roy19:20 Rx2 Row Turn Over Support, Row 2000
Erin A25:21 Rx2 thick green band PU, 1.5 mile run, jump to support 30' box on lowest bar (lost the plate!)
Russ27:18 Rx2 rx
Brian L22:44 Rx2 JRMU - rest RX
Jason K23:56 Rx2 jbmu rest rx
Sheridan20:40 Rx2 Rx except JBMU (high bar from box)
Toby17:55 Rx RMU
John B13:20  No run - subbed 6 rounds 10 Push Ups and Sit Ups. RX Pull ups and ring holds.
Walt20:10 Rx3 Banded PU (black/red); Jump to support MUs; 3/4 mi run/fast walk)
Taylor Cof23:38 Rx2 Pull ups with green band. JBMU high from box with plate.
Michelle S23:53 Rx2 rx except MU did ring MU - I love to run..... :\
Brittany D19:16 Rx2
Melissa L19:48 Rx2 as written but row instead of run
Ron20.45 Rx2
Bob19:22 Rx3 80 ring rows
Stacy14:38 Rx2 jumping mu's; black band pull-ups; 1 mile
Elizabeth K24:18 Rx2 banded/jumping 1.5miles
Adam B21:01 Rx all with 20lb best except BMU
Leslie22:08 Rx2
Spencer P19:10  80 Sit Ups Instead of Pull Ups/Muscles Ups due to muscle strain
Sam W24:34 Rx
Tom S21:30 Rx2 15 RX pullups, jump to support on rings / 1 mi run
Jeff B22:52 Rx2 20 # vest jmu rest rx
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Jeff R 2:43pm

Jeff R 5:15am
Mark Thomas Urban, 40, was killed on Sept. 27, 2013, during a parachute jump while conducting an equipment evaluation at a remote airstrip outside of Prairie, Idaho. Urban, a Senior Smokejumper, began his career as a wild-land firefighter for the U.S. Forest Service in 1999. In 2003, he joined the Bureau of Land Management's Great Basin Smokejumpers.

Wendy B 6:03am
Way to go Angie and Justin on Rxing the hero WOD!!!!